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Main news(2014/04/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

To latch reduced by "maternity medical compensation system"

2014-04-21 21:47:00
Compensation is paid for children that became heavy cerebral palsy in an accident of birth for "maternity medical compensation system", medical insurance Group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, from ¥ 30,000 to the current premium of labor per one , I decided to be reduced to 16,000 yen.


I seek sanctions review in Russia Japan

2014-04-21 21:37:00
The Russian Ministry of Defense, "If Japan Minaose the relationship with Russia, concern can be avoided" as for the Japanese government has expressed concern that every day, the Russian army is not fly and bombers around Japan , I was asked to review the sanctions Japan has lent to Russia in Ukraine around the situation.


And prosecute the man who imprisoned the elementary school in Sapporo

2014-04-21 21:02:00
Been arrested as was imprisoned for 7 days in the apartment of the home the girl of third grade at that time in Sapporo in January this year, about a man of 27-year-old had received a psychiatric evaluation and then, Sapporo District Public Prosecutors Office criminal responsibility result of appraisal was indicted on charges of confinement on the 21st it is determined that the Toeru.


Isahaya Bay open gate countries "difficult reconciliation"

2014-04-21 20:28:00
Apart from the trial, which was finalized judgment that brought this one home for the reclamation project of the country that have been made in Isahaya Bay in Nagasaki Prefecture, ordered the open gate investigation, at 2 trial trial at issue is whether or not to open gate, lawyers country Whereas the positive whether or not to accept the settlement, we showed the attitude the country side is difficult settlement.


Resume the Japan-US TPP Level Meeting

2014-04-21 19:57:00
Tour of the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, in order to lead to achievement of the summit approaching that of the 24th week, to resume working-level consultations from the night of the 21st, The Governments of Japan and the United States, tariffs on pork and beef continue to be in conflict with It is expected that consultation endgame to find a compromise, such as the handling of is performed.


"Attention to political neutrality" is successive

2014-04-21 19:27:00
About and exhibitions lectures took up the theme discussion is divided between the national and primary and Constitution, local governments around the country or prompted to change the contents as "keep the political neutrality", or refused to apply for sponsorship it was found in an interview of NHK that case to have one after another.


"Further strengthen the Japan-US alliance," Prime Minister

2014-04-21 19:07:00
In the board of directors of the Liberal Democratic Party, and said, "would like to be going to play a role in a flexible manner the Japan-US alliance" for the visit to Japan of President Obama of the United States from the 23rd, Prime Minister Abe want to lead to further strengthening of the Japan-US alliance I showed the idea.


"Suddenly, out-of-court lobbying also seized"

2014-04-21 17:56:00
For that iron ore carrier is seized to the court of China, Shanghai, owns the ship "MOL", where it had lobbied the settlement to plaintiffs for damages with the aim of resolution through reconciliation, suddenly, the ship seized I had it clear that was.


"Power harassment factors" handgun suicide of police officer

2014-04-21 16:57:00
At issue in February this year, police officers of the 44-year-old committed suicide by handgun at police station in Tokyo's Ota Ward, it can be seen that it was the behavior chief of the boss such that forced to resign, the Metropolitan Police Department these power harassment I apologized to the bereaved But as it became a factor in suicide, as well as taking disciplinary action against the chief.


"TPP accelerated to guide presidential visit to Japan," Foreign Minister

2014-04-21 16:00:00
The lecture in Tokyo, for bilateral talks in Japan and the United States over the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, it is necessary to accelerate the negotiations as a measure of a single visit to Japan of President Obama of the United States from the 23rd Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs I showed the idea.


"Something like a murder" President of South Korea captain from

2014-04-21 15:46:00
In sinking of passenger ships that occurred in South Korea, the 21st, "distrust of the people against the government large" while also severely criticized the "unacceptable in things like murder actions captain colleagues took" The Park Kune President It says, was instructed to review the correspondence from the root of the government during the crisis.


72 kilometers, "the world's fastest elevator" per hour

2014-04-21 15:11:00
Of major electronics manufacturer "Hitachi", has announced that it has developed the elevator of 72 kilometers per hour which is the world's fastest.


Do voyeur in questioning toilet Ministry of Justice executive

2014-04-21 13:44:00
It was found in an interview to the investigation parties that it had received a questioning of the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of senior officials of the 50-year-old Ministry of Justice judge born, was voyeur by launch a camera in women's toilet of government buildings within. By this executive that has admitted that it has voyeur, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is working the investigation on suspicion of such nuisance prevention ordinance violation.


decision "Eniwa incident" the district court does not allow a retrial

2014-04-21 13:21:00
For inmates woman ruling 16 years in prison has been established in '14 before, as such was killing women colleagues in Hokkaido Eniwa, Sapporo District Court made a decision to not allow rework retrial = trial.


The "not a fake" Cobo how Mr. supplementary document

2014-04-21 12:33:00
In the issues surrounding the STAP cells, on the reports of the investigation committee that certified that there has been misconduct, such as fabrication, Cobo how Haruko Research Unit Leader of RIKEN, the document you want to argue that such is not a fake correct again image because of the presence I've submitted to the RIKEN.


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