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Main news(2014/07/20)

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One force Shashu of Kahokushinposha Died

2014-07-20 21:35:00
Ichi-ryoku Kazuo at Shashu of Kahokushinposha, headquartered in Sendai, also served as chairman of the Yokozuna Promotion Council of sumo, has died at a hospital in Sendai city on the 20th. Was 88 years old.


Thunder and ferocious rain in atmospheric instability Tokyo

2014-07-20 20:36:00
Unstable state of the atmosphere is continued on the 20th in a wide range of over the Northeast from western Japan, ferocious it is raining along with thunder locally in Tokyo. Japan Meteorological Agency has called for vigilance on the swollen landslides and flooding of low land between late 20 day and night, the steep river.


"Certain missile carrying a satellite photograph from Russia"

2014-07-20 20:24:00
The 19th, in a telephone conversation with Hollande French President, said, "satellite photo that captures how the ground-to-air missile is brought from Russia," he said, Poroshenko President of Ukraine, was shot down Malaysia aircraft pro-Russian faction It was argued that there is no doubt that it is armed.


Rain and ferocious in atmospheric instability Tokyo

2014-07-20 19:46:00
State of the atmosphere becomes unstable Kanto region, rain ferocious locally is raining in Tokyo. Japan Meteorological Agency has called for vigilance on the rising water, such as a steep river and inundation of low land between late 20 day and night.


Statement, "We confinement kidnapping by one person"

2014-07-20 19:08:00
In the incident 19 day and night, girls in fifth grade who no longer know the whereabouts in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture is, are successfully protected, a man of 49-year-old was arrested on suspicion of captivity, the 20th, the police is the home of the man a result of the search, belongings of girls, such as school bag was found. Man have testified, "We confinement kidnapping in one myself", police have investigated the detailed circumstances.


And without showing the movement of Russian influence exercise

2014-07-20 18:40:00
In cases in Ukraine Eastern, airliner of Malaysia Airlines has been shot down, voice asking you to exercise influence on the armed groups of the pro-Russian faction against Russia from the countries have strengthened, but the Russian government, for now It does not show the concrete action, significant progress has not been seen still in and checking work of bodies.


3 people killed one person in critical condition to successive accidents water

2014-07-20 18:30:00
Where the 20th it became the Sunday of summer vacation first in many areas, accident of water after another in various places, NHK is summarized in 5 pm on the 20th, three people were killed and one person has become a critical condition of the unconscious You.


Deregistration and hurt DeNA Gurieru flank

2014-07-20 17:32:00
Since the players Gurieru Cuban born joined from the middle of the season in professional baseball DeNA has hurt his flank, I was out of the 20th Squad Player registration.


Sumo Association "return on the spot cash" to study discontinuation

2014-07-20 16:36:00
A problem that tour the contract of pachinko machines wrestlers sumo appeared, men adviser of Japan Sumo Association, videos such as scene to receive cash at the hotel from the men who are skilled in the art side was flowing to the Internet, the Sumo Association result of Crisis Management Committee has examined the facts, it can be seen that the adviser had returned on the spot cash, I decided that any more, is not carried out a survey in the committee.


Only 20% of people who want to work in the new working hours system

2014-07-20 16:17:00
The Thinker want to work the government aims for the creation, in a new working hours system for determining the remuneration depending on the outcome rather than the time you have worked, was found in the questionnaire of the survey agencies to stay in 20% of the workers.


Strengthen measures in damage takeover LINE

2014-07-20 15:42:00
Maker app for exchanging messages in smartphone "LINE", from the fact that the user's account is compromised, the damage to be ripped off the electronic money and their friends have one after another, setting the PIN fresh for identification I started to strengthen security measures to obtain the.


Intense thunderstorm very atmospheric instability locally

2014-07-20 15:11:00
In a wide range of over the northeast from West, the unstable state of the atmosphere is continued on the 20th, very intense rain has fallen along with the thunder locally. Japan Meteorological Agency has urged to pay careful attention to, such as landslides and flooding inundation of low land, steep river.


US media article also created computer

2014-07-20 14:10:00
Leading telecommunications company in the United States, AP communication has become a hot topic and began an attempt to automatically create a computer program on behalf of the press articles of earnings announcements of companies from this month, the flow of automation as also extends to the media .


To the bus car and "knife man" custody ensure Fukuoka

2014-07-20 12:17:00
At around 11 am on the 20th, in the Kyushu Expressway in Fukuoka Prefecture, there is a report, "a man with a knife in the car is there" and from passengers of high-speed bus while driving, police stopped on the highway after 40 minutes approximately I was able to secure the man in the car of the bus was. It is that person who was injured, and no.


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