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Main news(2014/09/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Terror alert in the new leader announcement of extremists

2014-09-07 21:49:00
Islamic militant group based in Somalia African eastern "Asshababu", and today announced the nomination of a new leader to replace the leadership that has been killed by American forces, such as the security authorities of Somalia carry out terror of retaliation I am increasingly cautious as there is a risk.


Match in the intergovernmental consultation establishment of maritime security

2014-09-07 20:58:00
7 night (Japan time), Prime Minister Abe has visited Sri Lanka met with Rajapaksa President, towards ensuring the safety of sea lanes = sea lanes in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka is located, intergovernmental about such as maritime security matched by providing a new forum for consultation.


Intergovernmental consultation new sea lanes to ensure safety

2014-09-07 20:57:00
7 night (Japan time), and met with Rajapaksa President, towards ensuring the safety of sea lanes = sea lanes in the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka is located, Prime Minister Abe has visited Sri Lanka, the government on such as maritime security matched by providing a new forum for consultation between.


Situation unstable eastern Ukraine ceasefire agreement after

2014-09-07 20:20:00
Tour around the Ukraine east, pro-Russian faction in Ukraine and the government have agreed cease-fire, but, in addition to fighting has occurred in some areas, executives of the pro-Russian faction argued that "does not mean giving up independence", still, unstable situation has continued.


"Refund" a total of 1.3 billion yen super unpaid

2014-09-07 19:13:00
Case the municipality has not been paid only less money than the actual error the calculated brought this one home hit the interest of when you get back taxes, such as office workers is too paid to "refund" has one after another across the country. It was found that more than 1.3 billion yen had been settled to fit in the city of at least 557 where it summarizes NHK is interviewed.


The persevere always contaminated water and measures parous phase decommissioning

2014-09-07 18:38:00
The 7th, Obuchi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry visited the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, for the future of Japan, and carefully spear always no matter what will be given the country for the reconstruction of Fukushima contaminated water and measures "decommissioning It said it "must be, we have emphasized the idea that TEPCO and the country to work on, such as contaminated water concerted measures.


Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to strengthen cooperation arrival security check

2014-09-07 17:32:00
Summit meeting with Rajapaksa President evening the 7th of Japan time, arrived in Sri Lanka, is done at night, towards the safety of the sea lanes = sea lanes in the Indian Ocean, Prime Minister Abe, including well as grants of patrol boat We decided to check the strengthening cooperation in the security field.


To descent safely in their own 5 men and women of "shower climbing"

2014-09-07 15:07:00
Six days, it was no longer possible to contact while entering the mountain five men and women who visited the campsite of Takayama, Gifu Prefecture is said, "go to the shower climbing", but early afternoon the 7th, is safely in search of police been identified, five people have been down the mountain on their own either.


Dengue Tokyo Meiji Shrine Outer Gardens also disinfect the mosquito

2014-09-07 13:02:00
Problems that infection of dengue fever is one after another in Yoyogi Park neighborhood of Tokyo, from the fact that there is a possibility that the men of Tokyo you've never visited the Yoyogi Park is infected with dengue in the Outer Gardens of Meiji Shrine across Minato and Shinjuku, such as the staff of the ward gave a mosquito control.


Brocade feat finalists Japan's first player

2014-09-07 04:12:00
Four major tournament final game of tennis, the US Open, the 6th, the semi-finals of the men's singles is performed, 1 world ranking of Serbia, Kei Nishikori players decided to finals and won in the set count three-to-one Novak Djokovic players directly below. Japan's players advance to the finals of the four major singles tournament is a feat for the first time.


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