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Main news(2014/09/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

2,000 Democratic faction protests in Hong Kong

2014-09-14 21:36:00
In Hong Kong, since the candidacy of Democratic faction has become virtually impossible to election of the Chief Executive in response to the decision of China, the 14th, demoed citizens of approximately 2000 people to protest against the Chinese government, and democratic I asked the realization of election.


1 person killed six minor and serious injuries in a head-on collision farm road

2014-09-14 19:52:00
Afternoon on the 14th, in addition to light passenger car passenger cars and is a head-on collision at the intersection of wide-area farm road of Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, woman of 94-year-old was riding a light passenger car were killed, and six people together who was riding in the car of both I assume the minor and serious injuries.


The movement to overheating referendum before any independent Scotland

2014-09-14 19:07:00
Movement toward vote in you are greeted last weekend of polling day before while head-to-head, both proponents, opponents and to criticize the claims of each other further the referendum to ask the pros and cons of Scottish independence of the north of England has overheated.


One in eight people in the elderly over 75 years old

2014-09-14 17:39:00
15 days is "Respect for the Aged Day". When depends on the summary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in addition to updating the record high and 32.96 million people, the proportion of elderly people over the age of 75 to the total population and 12.5 percent, the elderly over the age of 65 one in eight for the first time But now 75 years of age or older.


The free massages to the elderly before the Respect for the Aged Day

2014-09-14 17:05:00
Before the Aged Day of the 15th, in Oita, masseuse and old and new local nurses gave a service Amma to the elderly for free.


To combat attack aircraft dispatched to the Middle East received the request of the Australian rice

2014-09-14 16:14:00
Abbott Australian Prime Minister, has revealed that in response to a request from the United States decided to expand the military action Islamic extremist organization for the "Islamic State", it is dispatched to the Middle East and combat attack aircraft of the Australian Army.


In the United States film professionals and "Cool Japan Award"

2014-09-14 15:29:00
Awards ceremony the Japanese government to give film professionals in the United States that contributed to spread the Japanese culture of "Cool Japan Award" was held in Los Angeles.


Asahi Shimbun article is published apology without interview

2014-09-14 14:39:00
As was something about an article that describes the speech content of the president of Nintendo that was posted on the morning of the year before last, it does not undertake the interview in fact, summarizes the contents of the website of the company, Asahi Shimbun in the morning of the 14th I published an article that "We apologize to everyone."


Thought to continue efforts to prime minister during the day summit realization

2014-09-14 13:46:00
Of NHK in the "Sunday debate", in terms of the Japan-China relations, he said, "is in the inseparable relationship", Prime Minister Abe, the summit of APEC = Asia Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation meeting in November this year In order to realize the summit together, we showed the idea of ​​continuing the effort at various levels.


Active in the name Yoshiko Yamaguchi died's "Lee Koran"

2014-09-14 12:28:00
And active in the movie or song as an actress by the name of Lee Koran face down that during the war, it is Japanese, the 7th of this month, Yamaguchi Yoshiko, who also served as a member of the House of Councilors and presenter of television programs, Tokyo because of heart failure after the war I died at his home in Tokyo. Was 94 years old.


"Easy reproduced mistake" STAP cell Rice Professor

2014-09-14 11:53:00
Tour around the problem of STAP cell, the web site of the laboratory, while also STAP cells to be present, Charles Bakanti professor at Harvard University, and was then to be able to reproduce the "Easy was a big mistake in the co-author of a paper It was published the document to be with. "


"Islamic countries" public image or British murder

2014-09-14 10:09:00
Strongly warn the British government that it is posted on the Internet a video that it is assumed that the murdered man found Islamic extremist organization that is expanding its forces in Syria and Iraq, and the United Kingdom who work in the NGO that had been restrained, and to cooperate with the United States were.


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