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Main news(2014/10/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Mother died or attempted murder-suicide and boys

2014-10-19 21:58:00
Afternoon on the 19th, and found two of their mothers and boys of elementary school is is lying and bleeding from the belly on the streets of Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and was taken to hospital but died of his mother has been confirmed were. Police have examined the detailed prehistory to look and what you tried to murder-suicide from the situation in the field.


Citizens of many protest activities in Hong Kong weekend

2014-10-19 20:47:00
In Hong Kong, three weeks have passed for the first protests and students seeking democratic elections will sit on the main road, but the citizens of many to participate in protest activities weekend, was tense square off with the police in some areas situation has continued.


The top of a mountain is a rare flat "mirage"

2014-10-19 19:40:00
Tateyama mountain range in Toyama Prefecture, looks flat is the top of a mountain in the refraction of light rare "mirage" has been observed.


Minister Obuchi tomorrow to survey results published forward and backward transmission

2014-10-19 19:24:00
Obuchi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is scheduled to issues surrounding the government's report on political funds, such as a support group of their own, and generally summarizes the findings so far, to be announced on the 20th. It has the recognition of gain an understanding of the people is difficult, and met with Prime Minister Abe, did on reported its contents, Obuchi Minister has decided to tell about the soul of the company, including the resignation.


A man arrested in an hour and a half after entering the Houses of Parliament

2014-10-19 19:05:00
A result of the afternoon on the 19th, there is a commotion that man to enter the premises of the Parliament in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward, was searched and police officers are dispatched, man has been arrested in an hour and a half after about.


Body couple or was involved in the incident in a residential

2014-10-19 18:36:00
Morning the 19th, and found in the house of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, 2 men and women found a couple of 60-something living in this house is of have died, police found in a state where the two people were wearing a bag on his head from the fact that you are, we are investigating seeing may have been involved in the incident is high.


to five minutes of three wins and three losses that Nippon Ham Wins overtime

2014-10-19 17:38:00
11 innings, Nippon Ham wins Softbank 6 to 4, Round 5 of the Climax Series Final Stage professional baseball, the Pacific League, a competition record, including one win of Advantage that are granted to Softbank of league title I was back to five minutes of three wins and three losses. Settlement is carried over to the sixth round of the 20th, the Japan Series advance is determined by the draw or win, Nippon Ham was third in the season and go to the Japan Series and if you win Softbank.


Also information of safely three Himalayan Japanese

2014-10-19 16:34:00
In heavy snow out of season, in the Himalayas of Nepal which 20 people were killed, at least, including two Japanese, for the three Japanese who did not take after contact that entered the area damage was greater, the information that was safe Yes, the Japanese Embassy in local we are confirmed.


Golf Japan Open Ikeda first victory

2014-10-19 16:13:00
The final round is carried out domestic major tournament of men's golf, the Japan Open, Yuta Ikeda players adorned the first victory.


The first participation in disaster prevention training Osprey prefectures

2014-10-19 15:52:00
In Wakayama Prefecture, the tsunami is expected in massive earthquake in the Nankai Trough, disaster prevention extensive training have been made transport aircraft of the United States Army, Osprey also participate. Osprey had participated in training organized by prefecture It is for the first time.


Ajiapara tournament competition in earnest

2014-10-19 14:02:00
Celebration of sport for persons with disabilities, Ajiapara tournament, began the competition in earnest from the 19th Incheon Korea (Incheon). In the men's singles table tennis, and local players of 58-year-old, who won the gold medal at the Seoul Paralympic Games in 1988, got off to start win in the opening match of the tournament started off as active duty last of this.


Amendment tour parties of Worker Dispatch Law discussion

2014-10-19 12:14:00
In Sunday discussion of NHK, Tour of the amendment of the Worker Dispatch Law to some elimination of time limitation of dispatched workers, the Liberal Democratic Party, while emphasizing that it is reform for dispatched workers also contribute to the success of women, Democrats showed the idea is as disparities could spread suppressed wages remain low throughout life, not be accepted.


Continued tension in the three weeks pre-interaction Hong Kong protests

2014-10-19 11:59:00
In Hong Kong, it will be three weeks for the first protests students seeking democratic elections will sit on the main road, but the clash with the police and and students and also occur in the early morning of the 19th, and is scheduled for the 21st situation was tense before the dialogue for the first time by the student organizations and the Hong Kong government has continued.


Strengthening agriculture leading trading company such as "functional vegetables"

2014-10-19 11:19:00
In between the major trading company, it, and expect to be able to view from next spring in the deregulation of the country, if perishable products such as vegetables or useful to health, and embark on the production of so-called "functional vegetables", strengthen the agricultural sector movement that has one after another.


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