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Main news(2014/10/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Noyori president salary handing back part of the RIKEN

2014-10-23 21:56:00
In response to the problem of STAP cells, RIKEN announced Ryoji Noyori president as well as handing back a part of the salary, and was to reprimand disposal on the Board of five striking the corresponding problem.


Waste disposal site of the nuclear "suitable sites" discussion start

2014-10-23 21:11:00
Issues that high-level radioactive waste has become a major challenge of nuclear power generation, disposal sites of the so-called "garbage nuclear" is not determined, the discussion in order to narrow down the areas suitable for landfill in the expert meeting of the country begins directly below.


Request the court to examine the original parrot Katsuya Takahashi defendant Matsumoto condemned

2014-10-23 20:15:00
I've found that the defense team former members of Aum Shinrikyo the trial begins next year also, Katsuya Takahashi defendant, was charged to the Tokyo District Court witnesses Shoko Asahara, the real name Matsumoto SatoshiTsu husband condemned. I seen the court to carefully consider the need for interrogation.


"Fear of" Islamic countries "participation" suspect in the shooting

2014-10-23 19:27:00
In the incident Congress in the capital Ottawa, Canada has been attacked, the man of the suspects was shot dead at the end of the firefight, and the media in Canada, the authorities because there is a possibility to join Islamic extremist organization "Islamic State" We are told that it had been the subject of monitoring.


The silent prayer to the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake '10 generation time

2014-10-23 18:39:00
It was a '10 in the 23rd from the occurrence of the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake. 5 people were killed in the earthquake, residents of all temporary and forced the evacuation, in Yamakoshi area of ​​Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, which was severely damaged, the victim residents we have a moment of silence to match the time an earthquake occurs I mourn.


Waseda Arihara negotiation rights first place nomination Nichihamu 4 team

2014-10-23 17:40:00
In the draft conference of professional baseball, the pitcher Arihara Kohei of Waseda, 4 teams DeNA, Hiroshima, Nippon Ham, Hanshin is named in the first place, as a result of the lottery, Nippon Ham has won the joining bargaining rights. Arihara pitcher is highly valued as a university number one pitcher of the year, it had become the center of attention of where the team is whether to acquire the negotiating rights.


Performance evaluation of the safety device to prevent the first car accident

2014-10-23 17:20:00
For safety device to prevent such as systems to brake automatically by detecting the risk of collision, the car accident that become popular rapidly, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was conducted for the first time the performance evaluation of the car of each manufacturer.


To one win and one loss in the Royals intensive strokes

2014-10-23 15:31:00
Round 2 is carried out in the 22nd World Series of Major League Baseball, Royals Aoki Senoya player belongs wins in 7-to-2 to Giants in intensive strokes of a shot, I was with one win and one loss the scoreline.


51-year-old man of identification in Tokyo ONTAKESAN new

2014-10-23 14:31:00
Result in the eruption of Ontakesan became the volcanic disaster of the worst post-war, was it such as DNA testing some of the bodies had been found in the search for ever Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters, the 51-year-old Tokyo that no longer know the whereabouts I've found a man. It was killed in the eruption of this time in which 57 people, you do not know the whereabouts has now six.


Payments to the SM bar Miyazawa Kei-san phase political funding

2014-10-23 13:50:00
It was found in the description of the government's report on political funds that the fund-management organization of Miyazawa Economy, Trade and Industry Minister, had been spending the political capital to the store that is called SM bar to show a show of women in 2010. Miyazawa Minister shows the idea is allowed to reimburse the office parties, "I myself did not go to the store, you have already spending as a political fund officials of the office is wrong" as, to correct the balance of payments report directly below.


Civil society accused the mayor of Obuchi former secretary

2014-10-23 13:04:00
For Orita Kenichiro mayor of Gunma Prefecture Nakanojo town that is described could create a political fund balance report, such as support group in question Tour of political funding Obuchi before the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, civil society organizations in Gunma Prefecture "politics suspected of violating the Funds Control Law as "there, I sent a written accusation to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.


Mitsui Sumitomo Trust and silver is to partner with Taiwan leading financial group

2014-10-23 12:40:00
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, a major bank was found that in order to support the expansion into Asia of Japanese companies, we are working the final adjustments in the direction connecting the comprehensive business alliance between the leading financial group in Taiwan.


Or suspect Islamic extremists thought influence of parliament shootings

2014-10-23 12:20:00
In the incident a man enters the Capitol in the federal parliament in the capital Ottawa, Canada, became a shootout gun between the police, media in Canada, man who was influenced by the spirit of the Islamic militant suspect I am reportedly.


Internet advertising to delete the request of the dangerous drug,

2014-10-23 11:56:00
Buying and selling of dangerous drug, is as widespread even on the Internet, private organizations are monitoring the illegal writing in commission of the National Police Agency, a new advertising on the net drag that are subject to regulations It is now that you specified in the illegal information, to obtain the deleted administrator of the site from the 23rd.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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