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Political News(2014/12/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Edano secretary general "the Tosei recovery in representative election"

2014-12-18 20:39:00
In Edano secretary general press conference of the Democratic Party, the representative election of the Democratic Party that takes place next month, said, "I hope that will lead to that party goes further forward under the new representative", triggered by the representative election I showed the idea that want to measure the recovery of Tosei to.


Democratic House of Representatives Vice Chair in to recommend Kawabata Diet Affairs Committee Chairman

2014-12-18 19:23:00
The Democratic Party, in the special session of the Diet to be convened next week the 24th, I decided that it press the Tatsuo Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Kawabata in the House of Representatives Vice-Chairman.


Discussed eco-car tax reduction criteria review next year and later extended

2014-12-18 18:52:00
For Noda tax investigation chairman told reporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, in relation to the next year's tax reform, "automobile acquisition tax" and "automobile weight tax" is or become duty-free if it meets such as certain fuel efficiency standards, is reduced For "eco-car tax reduction" that can, and showed the idea to be considered in also extend direction later next year in terms of a review of the criteria.


Evaluate the holding of committee of experts in the Prime Minister Date

2014-12-18 17:16:00
Abe Prime Minister, and met with the Japanese side Members make in both countries of experts from during the day "New Japan-China Friendship 21st Century Committee", this month, that the formal meeting of the committee was held for the first time in about three years as something that becomes the impetus of Japan-China relations improve, we showed the idea to evaluate.


New parliamentary group in the 6 lawmakers upper house of the old Your Party

2014-12-18 16:27:00
The Kaito six of the member of the House of Councilors, which had belonged to Your Party that is, the 18th, was notified that it has formed a new parliamentary group "meeting to make Japan a healthy".


Welcome the Prime Minister US-Cuba normalization talks

2014-12-18 14:44:00
Abe Prime Minister met on the phone with the American Vice President Biden, about what the United States and Cuba have decided to start negotiations for the normalization of diplomatic relations, and told the intention to welcome as it's policy changes that lead to regional stability .


"Local Creation Zone" newly specified policy

2014-12-18 13:59:00
Government, and hardened as the second installment of the "National Strategy Zone" to carry out such bold deregulation is only the region, incorporating the commitment of the Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives election a policy of newly designated a "local creation Zone", the future , we have decided to rush the selection process.


To defense equipment export support measures considered, such as weapon

2014-12-18 05:22:00
Ministry of Defense, in order to promote the overseas transfer of equipment by the new defense equipment relocation three principles, it means to be inaugurated the experts meeting to consider the support of the way by the government to the development companies and export destination countries, 18 I will open the first meeting to.


Democratic presidential election tour party of movement actively

2014-12-18 04:29:00
The Tour of the representative election of the Democratic Party, which next month is done, continues though Hosono former secretary general has expressed its intention to candidacy, even such as red pine before the House of Representatives Vice Chair of the group and their own as "we should appeal to the presence of liberal forces" for example, enter the adjustment with the aim of fielded candidates, the party of the movement has become active.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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