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Political News(2022/01/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

20 years since the Japan-North Korea summit meeting

2022-01-02 14:57:00
It has been 20 years since the Japan-North Korea summit meeting when North Korea admitted the abduction. After that, five people returned to Japan, but progress has not been seen for other victims, and as more families die without reunion, the government has given concrete measures for the early return of the victims. It will be a year in which efforts and visible results are required.


Representative Komei Yamaguchi "Permanent establishment of US, China and Asia participation Japan-led establishment"

2022-01-02 13:13:00
As the security environment around Japan becomes more severe, Komeito representative Yamaguchi said that a dialogue framework is necessary to avoid unforeseen circumstances such as military conflicts, and Asian countries will participate in addition to the United States and China. He expressed the idea that Japan should take the lead in installing a permanent mechanism.


"Economic Security" Government's Four Pillars To Enable Parliamentary New Bill

2022-01-02 10:48:00
The government is now moving to strengthen economic security. A new bill that enables four pillars will be submitted to the ordinary Diet session, which will be held from January, such as pre-examination to prevent large companies that are responsible for core infrastructure such as electric power and telecommunications from introducing equipment with security problems. It is a policy.


Infertility treatment insurance coverage

2022-01-02 04:17:00
In the field of social security, the insurance coverage for infertility treatment has been expanded from April, and from October, the amount of self-pay paid by people aged 75 and over who have a certain income at the medical institution window is now. It is expected to be raised from 10% to 20%.


Prime Minister Kishida to realize "new capitalism" To raise wages to achieve concrete results

2022-01-02 04:14:00
Prime Minister Kishida intends to strengthen investment in people, such as raising wages, in order to realize his own "new capitalism." Although the Cabinet has worked on raising wages so far, it has been pointed out that the results were limited, and the issue is whether or not concrete results can be achieved.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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