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Political News(2022/01/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Defense Minister Ground Self-Defense Force Osprey Consideration of measures to be understood by Saga deployment

2022-01-29 17:10:00
Minister of Defense Kishi will board the Osprey transport aircraft, which is temporarily deployed at the Ground Self-Defense Force Kisarazu station in Chiba Prefecture, to ensure safe operation and to obtain local consent for deployment at Saga Airport. , Showed the idea of ​​taking necessary measures.


Wage increase will be added from the new fiscal year to the bid evaluation of government public works, etc.

2022-01-29 11:30:00
In order to encourage companies participating in public works projects to raise wages, the government has decided to add to the bid evaluation items whether or not companies are working to raise wages from the new fiscal year, Reiwa 4.


Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito House of Councilors Election Cooperation Difficult to Coordinate

2022-01-29 05:19:00
The Liberal Democratic Party is rushing to make internal adjustments to recommend candidates for the constituency requested by the Komeito over the election cooperation in the upper house election in the summer, while the Komeito is stiffening its attitude as the LDP's response is slow. , Coordination between the two parties continues to be difficult.


Sado Island Kanayama World Cultural Heritage Recommendation Task Force for International Understanding

2022-01-29 05:04:00
The government has decided to submit a letter of recommendation to UNESCO for "Kanayama on Sado Island," which Niigata Prefecture and others have requested to be recommended as a World Cultural Heritage site. In light of the opposition from South Korea, we will establish a task force to formulate strategies to gain the understanding of the international community, and plan to make full-scale preparations for the realization of registration.


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