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Political News(2022/02/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government understands sanctions against Russia

2022-02-26 16:19:00
The government agreed to the sanctions announced earlier against Russia at a cabinet meeting on the 26th.


Foreign Ministers of Japan and the United States confirm telephone talks to strengthen deterrence and coping capabilities of the Japan-US alliance

2022-02-26 10:46:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the phone over the situation in Ukraine, and the invasion by the Russian army was a one-sided attempt to change the status quo by force, affecting the order of the entire international society including the Asian region. We agreed that there is, and confirmed that we will strengthen the deterrence and coping power of the Japan-US alliance.


Peace treaty negotiations with Russia, including the Northern Territories issue

2022-02-26 05:52:00
Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, there are growing voices within the government and the LDP that it is not possible to proceed with negotiations on a peace treaty, including the Northern Territories issue, and it is likely that the strategy will need to be revised.


Government Policy to do everything in its power to protect about 120 Japanese residents in Ukraine

2022-02-26 05:37:00
Approximately 120 Japanese are resident in Ukraine, where Russia's military invasion continues, and the government plans to do its utmost to protect Japanese people, such as helping those who wish to evacuate leave the country promptly.


Does the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People's Party discuss policy proposals also lead to cooperation?

2022-02-26 05:34:00
Regarding the Democratic Party for the People who agreed with the budget for the new fiscal year, the Liberal Democratic Party is also considering creating a forum for discussions, saying that it wants to respond sincerely if there is a policy proposal, and the future focus will be on whether it will lead to future cooperation. It looks like it will be.


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