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Political News(2022/09/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Liberal Democrat Shimomura former Policy Research Council chairman denies reports about former Unification Church-related groups

2022-09-14 20:33:00
Former Liberal Democratic Party political affairs research chairman Shimomura was reported to have received a policy request from an executive of a group related to the former Unification Church last year, and was suspected of instructing the party to reflect it in the party's election pledge for the House of Representatives election. denied the relationship.


Exchange of opinions with Ishin Baba representative and Ritsumin Izumi representative “Collaboration with the revision of the Diet law”

2022-09-14 18:37:00
Baba, the representative of the Japan Restoration Party, who took office last month, made a round of greetings to the executives of each party before the extraordinary Diet session in autumn. We agreed on a policy of working together towards


Prime Minister Kishida “New Comprehensive Economic Measures Strengthening Earning Power and Sustained Wage Raises Important”

2022-09-14 18:34:00
Prime Minister Kishida said at the government's Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy that the new comprehensive economic measures to be put together next month will take advantage of the yen's depreciation. I have instructed the relevant ministers to consider concrete measures, saying that it is important to raise wages.


Budget standards for defense spending “consider with reference to NATO definitions” Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno

2022-09-14 18:33:00
Regarding the increase in defense spending, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno indicated that he would consider budget standards, referring to the fact that member countries of NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization deal with budgets such as coast guard as a unit. .


Okinawa Minister for Northern Affairs Okada Meets with Governor Tamaki Confirmation of Cooperation for Development of Okinawa's Economy

2022-09-14 17:55:00
Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs Okada met with Governor Tamaki of Okinawa Prefecture, who won re-election in the previous election after opposing plans to relocate US military bases. Both sides confirmed that they will work together to develop Okinawa's economy.


Prime Minister Kishida "Doing all possible preparations for state funeral" Government and ruling party liaison conference

2022-09-14 16:15:00
Prime Minister Kishida emphasized at the government and ruling party liaison conference that he would make every effort to prepare for the "state funeral" of former Prime Minister Abe on the 27th of this month.


Prime Minister Kishida met with the chairman of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and called for cooperation.

2022-09-14 16:06:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with Mai, chairman of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, who is visiting Japan, and called for cooperation on future responses, bearing in mind the situation in Ukraine and China's maritime expansion.


Rep. Okuno exchanges business cards with 15 parliamentarians related to the former Unification Church

2022-09-14 15:48:00
Concerning the former Unification Church, the Constitutional Democratic Party revealed that Soichiro Okuno, a member of the House of Representatives, had exchanged business cards with church officials in the past. This brings the number of parliamentarians who belong to the party to 15 who have been confirmed to have some kind of connection with the church.


In response to the death of the commuter bus, "Recurrence prevention measures will be summarized within the next month"

2022-09-14 15:32:00
In Shizuoka Prefecture, following an incident in which a 3-year-old girl was left on a school bus and died of heat stroke, Minister of State for the Declining Birthrate Ogura demanded that childcare providers make safety devices mandatory for school buses. In response to this, he emphasized that he would compile measures to prevent a recurrence within the next month and hasten to take countermeasures.


``Strengthening information dissemination to the international community to protect the inherent territory'' Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission

2022-09-14 14:49:00
Mr. Tani, Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, who is in charge of territorial issues, visited an exhibition hall for materials related to the Northern Territories and the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, and disseminated information to the international community on historical facts and other matters in order to protect Japan's inherent territories. showed the idea of ​​strengthening


“The relationship between the former Unification Church and the Liberal Democratic Party will be investigated in the extraordinary Diet session” Mr. Azumi Rismin

2022-09-14 13:25:00
Regarding the relationship between the former Unification Church and the Liberal Democratic Party, the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's Diet Affairs Committee, Azumi, indicated that he would pursue it as a central agenda item in the extraordinary Diet session in autumn.


Prime Minister Kishida holds telephone conversation with UAE President to collaborate on stabilizing crude oil market

2022-09-14 05:54:00
With crude oil prices continuing to rise due to the situation in Ukraine and other factors, Prime Minister Kishida held a telephone conversation with President Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has a close cooperative relationship with Japan in the energy field, and discussed ways to stabilize the international crude oil market. We confirmed that we will work together.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to Express Support for Ukraine's Economic Recovery at G7 Trade Ministers' Meeting

2022-09-14 05:43:00
G7 = The trade ministers meeting of seven major countries will be held in Germany on the 15th of Japan time. Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura, who will be attending the meeting, will announce support measures for the restoration of infrastructure in order to boost the economic recovery of Ukraine, which has been subjected to military invasion by Russia.


A panel of experts begins to formulate the government's "Children's Charter"

2022-09-14 04:38:00
Regarding the government's child policy, discussions have begun at the government's expert panel to formulate a "Children's Outline" that sets out basic policies, etc. showed.


Prime Minister Kishida UN General Assembly policy to appeal the importance of the rule of law and the strengthening of UN functions

2022-09-14 04:31:00
Next week, Prime Minister Kishida will attend the United Nations General Assembly, where he plans to stress the importance of the rule of law and the need to strengthen the functions of the United Nations, given that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been prolonged. Foreign Minister Hayashi also attended the United Nations General Assembly, and is coordinating to participate in the G7 (7 major countries' foreign ministers' meeting).


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