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Political News(2023/10/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

More than half of people feel that it is difficult to balance cancer treatment and work

2023-10-21 13:09:00
According to a Cabinet Office poll on cancer control, 54% of people felt that it would be difficult to continue working while receiving treatment if they were to develop cancer, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said it would be difficult to continue working while receiving treatment. We would like to proceed with the preparation of an environment for this purpose.


Memorial ceremony for SDF personnel who died in the line of duty, commemorating 26 people including those killed in the Okinawa helicopter accident

2023-10-21 13:01:00
A memorial service was held at the Ministry of Defense for Self-Defense Forces members who died in accidents while on duty, and Prime Minister Kishida said, ``We will do our best to resolutely protect the lives and livelihoods of our people without sacrificing their precious sacrifices.'' comforted the spirits of


Major Japanese electronics manufacturer and Australian government to jointly develop defense equipment Ministry of Defense

2023-10-21 07:28:00
The Ministry of Defense announced that a major Japanese electronics manufacturer and the Australian government have agreed to jointly develop defense equipment for the Australian military. This is the first time that a Japanese private company has jointly developed defense equipment with a foreign government without government involvement.


Prime Minister Kishida visits the Philippines and Malaysia in early November for coordination

2023-10-21 06:43:00
Prime Minister Kishida is making arrangements to visit the Philippines and Malaysia early next month. In addition to confirming that they will strengthen cooperation in the security field with China's increasing maritime expansion in mind, the two leaders are also expected to exchange views on the tense situation in the Middle East and Ukraine.


Southern Lebanon raised to ``evacuation advisory'' Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2023-10-21 01:13:00
In response to the Israeli-Palestinian situation, on the 20th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised the level of danger information for Lebanon, which borders Israel. In the border area with Israel in southern Lebanon, exchanges of artillery fire occur on a daily basis and civilian casualties are occurring, and an area approximately 4 kilometers from the border has been placed under the highest level 4 evacuation advisory. I raised it to . In addition, other areas have been raised to Level 3, a ``recommendation to avoid travel.''


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