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Political News(2023/12/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan and ASEAN special summit begins, cooperative relationship expanding to security

2023-12-16 20:38:00
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of relations between Japan and the ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a special summit meeting began in Tokyo on the evening of the 16th. There are growing concerns among ASEAN countries about China's maritime expansion into the South China Sea, and the cooperative relationship between Japan and ASEAN is about to expand from its focus on the economy to the security field.


Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office begins voluntary hearings on pro-Abe politicians over political funding issue

2023-12-16 19:00:00
Regarding the issue surrounding a political funding party run by a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, it has been revealed through interviews with people involved that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's Special Investigation Department has begun voluntary interviews with members of the Abe faction who received kickbacks from the party's income. I did. The Abe faction is suspected of systematically turning some of its party income into a slush fund without recording it in its political fund balance report, and the Special Investigation Department will be interviewing dozens of members of the party. It is expected that this will help clarify the actual situation.


Jimi Expo Minister inspects the “Big Roof” of the Expo “A symbol that makes you feel the ideals”

2023-12-16 18:43:00
Minister in charge of the Expo 2020, Jimi, inspected the construction site of the ring-shaped wooden structure ``Big Roof'', which is being constructed as a symbol of the Osaka-Kansai Expo, for the first time since taking office, and emphasized the idea of ​​``diverse, yet one'' of the Expo. After emphasizing the significance of the event if it can be felt, he emphasized the idea of ​​working to build momentum.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi: “Early return of abductees to Japan and North Korea summit”

2023-12-16 17:54:00
The government held a symposium on the abduction issue in conjunction with North Korea's Human Rights Violations Awareness Week, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi stated that he intends to work toward an early Japan-North Korea summit meeting in order to help all the victims return home as soon as possible. I emphasized.


Government Overall picture of Expo costs Direct national costs up to 162 billion yen Additional costs also included

2023-12-16 17:28:00
The government has compiled an overall picture of the costs for the Osaka/Kansai Expo to be held next year, including related projects. In addition to the total amount of direct national expenses incurred for preparations and other purposes at a maximum of 162 billion yen, it is expected that additional costs will be incurred for future public relations projects.


Farewell party for Seiji Mataichi, former leader of the Social Democratic Party

2023-12-16 15:49:00
A farewell party was held in Tokyo for Seiji Mataichi, the former leader of the Social Democratic Party who passed away in September this year, and those who had been close friends with him during his lifetime paid tribute to him.


Prime Minister Kishida meets Malaysian Prime Minister and agrees to provide rescue boats and drones

2023-12-16 15:16:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar, who is visiting Japan, and agreed to provide rescue boats and drones through a new support framework called OSA in order to strengthen cooperation in the security field. .


Foreign Minister Kamikawa “Promoting initiatives for women to actively participate in peace efforts”

2023-12-16 15:01:00
Foreign Minister Kamikawa attended a symposium held in Tokyo on the theme of women and peace, and spoke about promoting efforts in the Asia-Pacific region for women to actively participate in conflict prevention and post-conflict peace. I have shown some ideas.


The death of ex-husband of House of Representatives member Kihara's wife is not found to be an incident.Results sent

2023-12-16 12:17:00
The Metropolitan Police Department re-investigated the ex-husband of the wife of House of Representatives member Seiji Kihara, who was found dead in a house in Tokyo in 2006, after receiving a complaint from his family, but the investigation found that no criminal activity was found. I sent it to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.


Japan-ASEAN special summit meeting opens today

2023-12-16 06:52:00
A special summit meeting between Japan and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) will be held in Tokyo from the 16th. As the international situation becomes increasingly severe, Prime Minister Kishida would like to strengthen cooperation in a wide range of fields, including the economy and security, and lead to peace and stability in the region.


Liberal Democratic Party House of Councilors Secretary-General Seko Resigns after resignation Arranges not to immediately appoint successor

2023-12-16 06:03:00
The Liberal Democratic Party will appoint a successor to Hagiuda, the political affairs research chairman, and Takagi, the parliamentary committee chairman, who submitted their resignations due to issues surrounding Abe's political funding party, on the 22nd of next week, while also immediately appointing a replacement for House of Councilors Secretary-General Seko. I'm adjusting it in the wrong direction.


Political funding issue: Discussion is expected to become lively, including the review of regulatory laws

2023-12-16 06:01:00
In response to the problems surrounding the political funding parties of the Liberal Democratic Party's factions, the ruling and opposition parties have expressed the opinion that reforms to increase the transparency of political funding are necessary. It is expected that the discussion will become more lively.


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