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Political News(2023/12/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Strengthening measures against dementia: Guideline to be formulated within fiscal year, according to government plan

2023-12-24 20:46:00
A draft summary of opinions to be held by a government meeting on the 25th has been revealed in order to strengthen measures against dementia. The government plans to formulate guidelines by the end of the fiscal year so that elderly people with dementia and others who live alone can live with peace of mind.


Government to explain the necessity of airports and ports used by the Self-Defense Forces and others in emergencies to Okinawa

2023-12-24 17:38:00
The government plans to designate airports and ports that can be used by the Self-Defense Forces and others in the event of an emergency, and formulate operational and maintenance policies by the end of this fiscal year. The Nansei Islands are expected to be the main destinations, but Okinawa Prefecture has said that it is not acceptable at this time, and the government hopes to gain understanding by carefully explaining the necessity.


Draft of an action plan for the Ritsumeikan “Aiming for a majority in the ruling party in the next House of Representatives election”

2023-12-24 12:55:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan has compiled a draft activity plan that will be decided at next year's party convention. He points out that political trust has been lost due to issues surrounding the political funding party of a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, and aims to break the majority of the ruling party in the next House of Representatives election.


Citizen Representative Tamaki Trigger Clause “Early working-level consultation with Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito”

2023-12-24 12:15:00
Regarding the ``trigger clause'' that suspends the taxation of the additional portion of the gasoline tax, Representative Tamaki of the Democratic Party for the People called for an early start of working-level discussions among the three parties, including the New Komeito Party, under the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party's new political affairs research chairman. Ta.


Government plans to formulate priority strategies for ocean development within this fiscal year, discussion hastened

2023-12-24 05:43:00
In order to focus on ocean development from the perspective of securing resources, the government plans to formulate a priority strategy by the end of this fiscal year, with discussions aimed at concrete implementation centered around improving the environment for mining rare earths from the ocean floor. I'm planning to hurry.


Komeito's reform plan for political funding to be finalized by next year's regular Diet session

2023-12-24 04:12:00
In response to the issue surrounding the political funding party of a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, the New Komeito Party has demonstrated its commitment to reform and is considering lowering the standards for the amount of money that names can be included in income and expenditure reports, in the hope of restoring trust as a ruling party. The government plans to compile its own reform proposals by the regular Diet session next year.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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