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Economic news(2020/04/19)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

McDonald's "Specified alert" Use seats in 13 prefectures Canceled all day

2020-04-19 16:08:00
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, Japan McDonald's will use the seats inside the store from the morning of the 20th for all the stores in the "specific warning prefectures" that require special emphasis I decided to cancel.


Increased number of online banking users Self-restraint with new corona

2020-04-19 14:41:00
Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the refraining from going out is spreading, and the number of people who use internet banking at financial institutions is increasing remarkably. Financial institutions are calling for internet banking wherever possible to prevent the spread of infection in stores.


Expansion of emergency declaration First weekend weekend population Decreased mainly in metropolitan areas

2020-04-19 11:25:00
The data showing the population of the whole country on the 18th, the first Saturday after the target area of ​​the emergency declaration was expanded to the whole country, was collected. Compared to before the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it decreased significantly, especially in metropolitan areas, but the extent of the decrease also varies.


Private Financial Institutions New Corona Is Also Prompting To Support Financing

2020-04-19 06:54:00
The number of applications for the government's financing support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the new coronavirus has rapidly increased, and it often takes longer to lend. In order to connect funds during that period, private financial institutions have begun to make decisions on loans within the same day if they receive an application.


All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, such as masks, will be placed in the cabin for transportation New Corona

2020-04-19 05:08:00
While passenger flight use has dropped significantly due to the spread of the new coronavirus, ANA and Japan Airlines are also using passenger cabins to increase the demand for masks and medical gowns from overseas. I decided to carry the cargo.


Kyoto γ€€ Mt.Fuji

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