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Economic news(2020/05/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

A place for telework, we provide ... New service with new Corona

2020-05-24 15:26:00
With the introduction of telework to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses, new services are being provided to provide telework places for people who find it difficult to work at home, such as commercial facilities where users are depressed. I will.


Life insurance loan system Rapid increase in use with new corona

2020-05-24 13:52:00
The use of a system called “contractor lending”, which borrows money from insurance companies using the life insurance fund as collateral, is rapidly increasing due to the new coronavirus. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with a tight cash flow, and life insurance companies specially promote zero-interest utilization.


Yesterday's crowd increased from the previous day in Chiba / Yokohama, where the declaration was continued New Corona

2020-05-24 10:54:00
The number of people on Saturday, the 23rd, decreased by 40% to 70% compared to before the spread of infection in 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the declaration of emergency is continuing and Hokkaido By comparison, the number of people is increasing in some areas of the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Mask production Entry from different industries UNIQLO is also a new corona

2020-05-24 07:16:00
FAST RETAILING, which develops UNIQLO, has also started embarking on the production of masks, which are successively entering from different industries such as major electronics manufacturers. We plan to start selling this summer by using breathable materials.


Recruitment of new graduates The number of companies conducting online interviews is rapidly increasing New Corona

2020-05-24 06:29:00
Regarding the recruitment activities of university students graduating next spring, a survey by a major job hunting information company Mynavi shows that the number of companies doing online interviews has been rapidly increasing since face-to-face interviews have not been possible since the announcement of an emergency situation last month. It was.


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