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Economic news(2020/08/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Recovery of MOL, "the ship of oil almost recovered" sea does not stand prospect ends

2020-08-13 22:34:00
MOL announced that it had recovered almost all of the oil that was left in the vessel after a cargo ship operated by MOL ran aground off the coast of Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Situation in which the outflow is further expansion was inevitable, but the prospect that the recovery of the oil that remains on the sea ends has followed the situation that does not stand.


Established a business alliance with Otoya HD Oisix Conflict with the largest shareholder, Corowide

2020-08-13 18:49:00
The set meal chain “Otoya Holdings” has established a policy of forming a business tie-up with “Oisix La Daichi”, a major food delivery company. Amid conflicts with its largest shareholder, Corowide, regarding management policies, it is likely that it will aim to show other shareholders its stance of promoting management improvements.


Yen exchange rate fell against the euro Yen depreciation for the first time in about 1 year and 4 months Euro high level

2020-08-13 18:46:00
On the 13th, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate dropped against the euro, and the yen depreciated for the first time in about one year and four months.


Exchange of Japanese and Singapore business, etc. Foreign Minister talks to resume next month

2020-08-13 18:28:00
Foreign Minister Mogi will meet with Foreign Minister Barakrishnan in Singapore where he will visit to ease the immigration restrictions that the two countries are taking with the spread of the new coronavirus. We have agreed to reopen traffic.


Mid-term settlement of a major family restaurant Falling into the red due to corona impact

2020-08-13 18:23:00
The mid-term financial results of the family restaurant giants Skylark Holdings and Royal Holdings for the six months to June this year were due to store closures due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, etc. I fell into.


Major trading companies Settlement of accounts for 3 months until June. Decrease in each company

2020-08-13 17:24:00
A large trading company completed the financial statements for the three months until June, of which Mitsubishi Corporation had a 77% decrease in its final profit compared to the same period last year, due to factors such as a drop in demand for automobiles.


Stock price closing price Recovered in the 23,000 yen range for the first time in about two months

2020-08-13 15:51:00
The Tokyo Stock Market and Nikkei Stock Average closing price on the 13th recovered to the 23,000 yen level for the first time in about two months. With the progress of new coronavirus vaccine development and expectations for economic recovery, the number of purchase orders expanded.


Yen price fall against the euro

2020-08-13 12:16:00
The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 13th, the yen exchange rate is falling against the euro.


Stock price rose sharply 23,000 yen level recovery NY market high price received

2020-08-13 12:11:00
On the 13th, the Tokyo stock market and stock prices rose sharply, surpassing 23,000 yen for the first time in about two months. With the expectations for the economic outlook on the New York stock market on the 12th, the Dow average stock price has been rising for the first time in five and a half months.


Naeba Prince Hotel is temporarily closed again Yuzawa Town in Niigata due to decrease in reservations

2020-08-13 11:32:00
In July, the representative resort hotel ``Naeba Prince Hotel'' in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, which just reopened its business, said that reservations for the future had dropped significantly due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and it was temporarily reopened from the 16th to the winter. It will be closed.


Corporate price index rises for 2 consecutive months as economic activity resumes

2020-08-13 10:50:00
The July corporate price index, which shows the price of goods traded between companies, rose 0.6% from the previous month, rising for the second straight month. This is because economic activity resumed in Japan and overseas, and crude oil prices have picked up.


MOL heavy oil spill Mauritius environmental protection group “several decades for recovery”

2020-08-13 09:26:00
In response to an accident in which a cargo ship operated by Mitsui OSK Lines stranded and a large amount of oil spilled off the coast of Mauritius, an island nation of the Indian Ocean, a local environmental protection organization responded in an interview, saying, It could take years," he said.


NY stock price Dow average price rises and high for the first time in 5 months

2020-08-13 05:59:00
On the 12th, the New York stock market reached its first high in five and a half months, with the Dow average stock price rising due to expectations of the economic outlook.


Enforcement of the law prohibiting transactions with 5 companies in the United States on the 13th

2020-08-13 04:45:00
The US government will enact a law that prohibits transactions with companies using five high-tech products in China such as Huawei on the 13th. The effect of the conflict between the United States and China will further spread by deciding whether to choose the US government or the Chinese company, including Japanese companies.


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