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Economic news(2020/11/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Revision of Nursing Care Fees Discussion Difficulty is hitting business establishment management in Corona

2020-11-07 18:52:00
The new coronavirus is having a major impact on the management of long-term care establishments. The government is currently discussing the revision of the "nursing compensation" paid to business establishments, but there are a number of voices from the field calling for an increase in compensation. On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance and others have expressed cautious opinions about raising the price, and it is expected that discussions will be difficult.


"Virtual school trip" in VR to visits that can no longer be reached in Corona

2020-11-07 16:55:00
With the effects of the new coronavirus, school excursions are being canceled one after another at schools around the world, and there is a growing movement to seek new forms of school excursions, such as connecting classrooms and original destinations online.


China's export value last month increased by 11.4% from the same month last year, increasing for 5 consecutive months

2020-11-07 14:54:00
China's exports last month increased by more than 11% from the same month last year, marking the fifth straight month of positive growth due to increased exports of masks and electronic devices. However, with the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Europe and the United States again, there is a sense of caution in the future.


Mitsubishi Chemical To consolidate head office functions at three locations in Tokyo With the spread of telework

2020-11-07 12:08:00
With the spread of telework, the number of employees who go to the office has decreased significantly, so Mitsubishi Chemical, a major chemical manufacturer, has decided to consolidate its headquarters functions, which are distributed in three locations in Tokyo. With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is a growing movement to review the way offices should be.


NY Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops for the First Time in 5 Days

2020-11-07 06:30:00
The New York stock market on the 6th was a modest drop.


Keidanren Chairman To decarbonize "Structural reform of electric power industry is necessary" to announce on the 9th

2020-11-07 06:20:00
Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi said that "structural reform of the electric power industry, including industry restructuring," is necessary to realize the government's policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero as a whole by 2050. We have put together a proposal to make a statement and decided to announce it at the government's Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy to be held on the 9th.


Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Winter Bonus Agreed with the union to halve compared to last year

2020-11-07 05:06:00
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store, a major department store whose business performance is declining due to the effects of the new coronavirus, has agreed with the labor union to reduce the winter bonus to be paid next month by 50% from last year's level. ..


Dai-ichi Life Sales representative suspected of fraud Directly supervised by the head office To establish a new organization

2020-11-07 04:33:00
A 89-year-old former employee of Dai-ichi Life is said to have illegally collected about 1.9 billion yen from customers, and the company has added a new report to the Financial Services Agency to prevent recurrence. The policy is to include the establishment of an organization.


To consider whether to continue financial support for JR Hokkaido and JR Shikoku Government

2020-11-07 04:03:00
JR Hokkaido and JR Shikoku, which have many unprofitable routes, suffered further deterioration due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and the interim results up to September were both the largest deficits ever. The government will consider whether to revise the law and continue financial support from next year onward, based on the management improvement measures that both companies will show in the future.


Hawaii The first passenger flight to Honolulu after the relaxation of immigration restrictions for Japanese travelers

2020-11-07 03:23:00
Some immigration restrictions for travelers from Japan to Hawaii, USA have been relaxed. On the night of the 6th, it is expected that the first passenger flight will depart from Haneda Airport to Honolulu after the restrictions are relaxed, leading to a full-scale resumption of cross-country traffic.


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