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Economic news(2020/11/15)

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What will happen to tariffs under the RCEP agreement?

2020-11-15 20:42:00
With the RCEP agreement, Japan will sign an economic partnership agreement with China and South Korea for the first time, and tariffs will be reduced or eliminated in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries products and industrial products.


[RCEP agreement] Reactions and aims of each country

2020-11-15 19:56:00
It is the reaction and aim of each country about the agreement of RCEP.


15 RCEP countries sign agreement About 30% of world population in huge free trade zone

2020-11-15 19:54:00
RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia was formally agreed at the summit of 15 countries including Japan, China, South Korea, and ASEAN countries, and signed the agreement. In the Asia-Pacific region, a huge free trade zone will be created, which accounts for about 30% of the world's population and GDP.


[RCEP agreement] The reaction of the business community is

2020-11-15 18:47:00
The reaction of the business community to the RCEP agreement.


Corona reduces consumption, but more people give "year-end gifts" and "new year dishes"

2020-11-15 14:22:00
Consumption continues to decline due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and movements to refrain from going out continue. It is expected that people will continue to refrain from returning home and traveling during the year-end and New Year holidays, and as they cannot meet with family and friends, more and more people are giving gifts of year-end gifts and New Year dishes.


RCEP Soon Summit 15 countries except India to form formal agreement

2020-11-15 11:46:00
RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia is a formal agreement in 15 countries except India at the upcoming summit. Under the agreement, tariffs will be eliminated at 90% or more of industrial products exported from Japan, while five important items such as rice and beef imported into Japan will be excluded.


Switch to "contactless" stores Corona infection countermeasures spread at major banks

2020-11-15 10:32:00
As part of measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, there is a growing movement among major banks to switch to "contactless" stores where customers can receive services without having to contact employees at the counter.


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