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Economic news(2020/11/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Going to the hydrogen car division for "Le Mans" or technological innovation for "gasoline removal"

2020-11-22 21:03:00
With plans to ban the sale of new cars such as gasoline cars in the future to strengthen measures against global warming, the "Le Mans 24 Hours", one of the three major races in the world, is the ultimate. We have decided to set up a new race for hydrogen cars, which are also called eco-cars, and it is expected that technological innovation in hydrogen, which is attracting attention as next-generation energy, will progress.


The first day of the three consecutive holidays The number of people in the downtown area decreased, but increased

2020-11-22 20:19:00
The first day of the three consecutive holidays, which was celebrated as the infection of the new coronavirus spread, the number of people in each area on the 21st was from January to February, before the infection spread in downtown areas such as Tokyo and Kyoto. There was also a place where the number of people increased compared to.


“AI instead of telephone answering employees” Expands the use of companies due to labor shortage

2020-11-22 13:15:00
Companies are focusing on utilizing AI = artificial intelligence to solve the labor shortage. There is a growing movement for AI to accept telephone applications and requests on behalf of employees.


Nearly 60% of telework employees “no efforts to ensure health”

2020-11-22 10:28:00
According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, when asked about efforts to ensure health, such as interview guidance for employees working in telework, nearly 60% of companies answered that they did not do anything in particular. I did.


Go To Travel Consideration of cancellation fee measures, etc. Hurry government

2020-11-22 06:11:00
The government has decided to introduce measures to suspend new reservations for "Go To Travel" destinations in areas where the new coronavirus infection has spread, and will work with prefectures to identify areas that need to be addressed. .. We are also in a hurry to consider measures that do not incur cancellation fees.


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