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Economic news(2022/04/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Difficult to operate on some European flights of airlines Change route to avoid over Russia

2022-04-02 19:41:00
Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, airlines operate European flights on routes that make a big roundabout avoiding the restricted flight over Russia. Operating hours are longer than usual and fuel costs are high, and there are concerns that if the situation continues for a long time, it will not be possible to easily travel between Europe.


Assumed by the company 1 dollar = 111 yen level “Around 10 yen higher than the current dollar depreciation”

2022-04-02 04:22:00
It turned out that the exchange rate that companies are assuming this year is 1 dollar = 111 yen level, which is about 10 yen higher and the dollar weaker than the current level. If the yen continues to depreciate significantly beyond expectations, profits may be further squeezed, which is likely to be a cause for concern for the future.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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