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Economic news(2022/11/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

US-China trade conflict over ASEAN

2022-11-12 20:41:00
US President Biden is visiting Cambodia to attend a series of conferences in Southeast Asia that will bring together world leaders. After this, I plan to attend a summit meeting with ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and I would like to confirm the strengthening of cooperation with each country and counter China, which is increasing its influence in the region.


Move to lower floating interest rates on housing loans due to rising housing prices and inflation

2022-11-12 19:28:00
As housing prices continue to rise and commodity prices continue to rise, and the need to take out loans with lower interest rates increases, financial institutions are starting to lower interest rates on home loans to attract customers.


Small and medium-sized enterprises and farms across the country continue to devise measures to increase profitability amid rising prices

2022-11-12 19:01:00
Prices of goods traded between companies continue to rise. The Bank of Japan's preliminary corporate goods price index for October rose 9.1% from the same month a year earlier. The index was 117.5, with the average for 2020 set at 100, reaching a record high for the seventh consecutive month. Under these circumstances, small and medium-sized enterprises are making efforts to increase the added value of their products and increase their earning power in response to soaring raw material prices.


FTX Trading, a major crypto asset exchange, files for bankruptcy

2022-11-12 06:28:00
FTX Trading, a major crypto asset exchange company, has announced that about 130 group companies, including US corporations, have filed for bankruptcy. In the financial market, the price of crypto assets such as Bitcoin has fallen, and the impact is spreading.


London market temporary 1 dollar = 138 yen level in view of deceleration of US interest rate hike pace

2022-11-12 05:42:00
In the London foreign exchange market on the 11th, the movement of selling the dollar and buying the yen progressed due to the view that the pace of the interest rate hike in the United States would slow down, and the yen exchange rate temporarily rose to the upper 138 yen level to the dollar for the first time in about two months. .


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