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Political News(2014/04/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

The opposition to the expansion of the JMA president mixed medical application

2014-04-17 22:30:00
About what you are considering the expansion of health insurance coverage a combination of medical care that do not apply to the medical health insurance will be applied by the government for the "mixed practice", Yokokura chairman of the Japan Medical Association is carried out treatment unsafe as such there is a risk, we showed the idea to oppose.


The request for cooperation in Mongolia in defense phase corresponding North Korea

2014-04-17 20:54:00
Order to meet with the Ministry of Defense and Batoerudene Defense Minister of Mongolia, to be resolved by dialogue issues such as missile and nuclear North Korea, Onodera defense minister, sought cooperation in Mongolia there are diplomatic relations with North Korea.


Strategy Zone Tokyo to specify the 9th district

2014-04-17 20:29:00
For the Tokyo metropolitan area that has been designated to carry out such a bold deregulation and only the region in the "national strategy Special Zone", the government has decided to limit to ward nine such Chuo and Chiyoda-ku designated area in Tokyo .


Tell policy of Russia visit immediate postponement of the Foreign Minister

2014-04-17 17:15:00
As there is a need to assess the changes in the situation from, such as that for visit to Russia Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs, which had been scheduled for later this month, confrontation with Russia and Western countries over the Ukraine situation is deepened, the time being, the government, to postpone I told the Russian side the policy.


Amendment real deliberation into the national Referendum Law

2014-04-17 16:45:00
To enter the substantive deliberation in the House of Representatives Constitution Committee of the 17th, amendment of the National Referendum Law, which stipulates the procedures for constitutional amendment, we exchanged opinions and brought this one home and way of solicitation exercise public officials reach out to acquaintance the pros and cons were.


"With full force to the base burden" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2014-04-17 16:25:00
Met with Nakaima governor of Okinawa Prefecture and Kuroiwa, governor of Kanagawa Prefecture in the Prime Minister's official residence, and against it had received a request for the conclusion of a new agreement in Japan and the United States on environmental conservation in the United States military facilities, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, base of local we showed the idea to tackle with full force towards the mitigation of the burden.


11 block proposal upper house electoral reform Social Democratic Party

2014-04-17 14:54:00
SDP, has put together a reform plan that was such as changing into blocks nationwide 11 from each prefecture in the current electoral districts in order to redress the disparity in the value of one vote by around the electoral reform of the House of Councilors.


The cautious opinion on the effective tax rate reduction of corporate tax

2014-04-17 14:17:00
The LDP Research Commission on the Tax System, open the executive meeting, including the full-fledged discussion by around the reduction of the effective tax rate of corporation tax that Prime Minister Abe has shown a willingness, "Ensuring financial resources of the alternative's premise" from attendees prudent opinion was after another, etc..


To the establishment during the current Diet session reconstruction SEZ Act amendment

2014-04-17 13:28:00
Sent to the House of Councilors and is passed unanimously in the House of Representatives plenary session of the 17th, amendment of reconstruction zones methods to be able to ensure the rapid land of reconstruction projects in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Diet now It was a prospect to be established.


TPP in Japan-US negotiations Prime Minister emphasized that "aim conclusion"

2014-04-17 12:26:00
The lecture in Tokyo, for TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and said, "that you stick to the numbers is also important, but I want to aim to conclude by obtaining the results ultimately from a higher point of view," said Abe Prime Minister, day rice The summary of the consultation, we have emphasized the idea that aims to conclusion of the negotiations.


Are summarized policy of strengthening economic cooperation with the government rice

2014-04-17 05:05:00
Before the Japan-US summit meeting, which is scheduled next week, and incorporating or introduction to the United States of high-speed rail technology in Japan, such as the superconducting linear, and cooperation in the medical field, the government, towards the strengthening of economic cooperation with the United States I have put together the principles.


Draft of the Democratic highway free of review

2014-04-17 04:05:00
Incorporates the fact that the principles Free of highway listed in major policy, as such it is necessary to ensure the financial resources applied to the maintenance and management and redemption of construction costs, to review formally as the party, the Democratic Party, draft of the interim report I've summarized.


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