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Political News(2014/06/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Visit the Defense Minister security forces candidate sites

2014-06-07 19:35:00
it was explained that Onodera Minister of Defense visited the Kagoshima Prefecture Setouchi-cho, for mayor, you are studying as one of the candidate sites to the newly reorganized the Self-Defense Forces of "security forces" in order to strengthen the defense posture of the southwest region In contrast, the mayor told the idea that you want to attract troops.


Return home after such as Abe G7

2014-06-07 17:36:00
After finishing the schedule or a series of summit meetings of countries G7 = advanced 7 held in Belgium, such as the summit of the Renzi Prime Minister of Italy, evening the 7th, Prime Minister Abe has returned home government aircraft.


"The corporate tax decrease width period concrete"

2014-06-07 16:44:00
Amari economic revival minister was speaking at Osaka City, "the basic policy of reform and economic and fiscal management" plan for the reduction of the effective tax rate of corporate tax, to Cabinet decision this month to the so-called "large-boned policy", the period and the width of the cut I showed the idea want to write also specifically like.


Party management criticism of Maehara Kaieda representative

2014-06-07 14:48:00
Told reporters, efforts Kaieda representative towards the opposition criticized restructuring "effort is not enough," said former Foreign Minister Maehara Democratic Shussho as representative without waiting for the expiration of the term of office of the end of September next year in Osaka city I showed the idea that we should determine their own retreat.


To support women in housework support foreign

2014-06-07 12:51:00
Government has decided to consolidate a policy of accepting foreign workers by utilizing the "National Strategy Zone" in order to boost the social advancement of women, to support the housework, to incorporate a new growth strategy to put together this month.


The return trip home after such as Abe G7

2014-06-07 06:06:00
In addition to a summit meeting of countries G7 = advanced 7 held in Belgium, was exchanged views with around the and Ukraine situation, I finished the dates of the series, such as meeting with Prime Minister of Italy, Prime Minister Abe is, 7 (Japan time) day morning, I arrived to the return trip home.


Consultation next week in earnest of New Komeito right of collective self-defense

2014-06-07 05:38:00
The LDP-Komei two parties, to enter the full-fledged discussion on the right of collective self-defense from the consultation next week, the Liberal Democratic Party even though it has already been want to Cabinet decision to change the interpretation of the Constitution to tolerate exercise during the session of the National Assembly now In contrast, you have been agreed in the short term that's difficult, bargaining has continued to Komeito.


Consider While Tairo resumption of diplomatic unity government G7 emphasis

2014-06-07 05:06:00
While brought this one home for the Ukraine situation, to emphasize continue the unity of the country or G7 = advanced 7, government, Kishida Foreign Affairs Minister Given also that the leaders of Russia and the G7 has met one after another, while assessing also the wave of the future, has been postponed such as to adjust again the visit to Russia, it is thought that towards the resolution of the Northern Territories issue, you want to resume in earnest versus Russia diplomacy.


Consistent with the Italian prime minister "resolved pursuant marine advance international law principle"

2014-06-07 03:22:00
6 night (Japan time), Prime Minister Abe has visited Italy met with Renzi Prime Minister, about the situation in the South China Sea and East China Sea tensions are growing by the Chinese to strengthen the marine advance, be resolved peacefully in accordance with the principles of international law at, agreement was recognized that to maintain the peace and stability in the region is as important.


Considered to address the poverty problem of Prime Minister Abe Africa

2014-06-07 00:21:00
Evening the 6th of Japan time, and met with Francisco pope center of the Catholic Church, in the Vatican, towards the resolution of such poverty in Africa, Prime Minister Abe has visited Italy as Japan to support measures that focuses on individual was told the idea to tackle continue.


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