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Political News(2014/06/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Kishida Foreign Minister PKO martyr police memorial visit

2014-06-29 22:02:00
In 1993, I visited the memorial of police officers who died in PKO activities of the United Nations, Kishida Foreign Minister have visited Cambodia, was Te-muke flowers.


"Protest day morning consultation planned launch" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2014-06-29 19:46:00
in helping but Chief Cabinet Secretary was speaking at Akita, for intergovernmental consultation with North Korea of ​​July 1, it said, "have a judgment cases where it might make sense as planned that would be nice at the moment", in consultation we showed the idea of ​​asking you to protest the firing of ballistic missiles on the fly, and to comply with Security Council resolutions of the United Nations.


"Cabinet decision can not be tolerated" Kaieda representative

2014-06-29 18:21:00
Told reporters, about what and an overall Cabinet decision to tolerate the exercise of the right of collective self-defense is carried out on the 1st of next month, while not fully discussed in the "Diet, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party Cabinet decision in Sapporo The states that it is performed with "not permitted, has shown to overlap the idea unacceptable.


Cambodia to visit that followed Foreign Minister economic growth

2014-06-29 13:24:00
In order to visit the Cambodian economic growth is remarkable, dodge and opinions Ho Namuhon Foreign Minister by around the strengthening of economic relations between the two countries, such as the promotion of investment in Japanese companies, before noon on the 29th, Kishida Foreign Minister, starting Haneda Airport were.


"There is no change in the holding of the Japan-North Korea talks" Kishida Foreign Minister

2014-06-29 12:22:00
Kishida Foreign Minister in terms told reporters, in relation to that North Korea fired a ballistic missile, was that there is no change in the holding of inter-governmental consultation of North Korea and Japan of July 1 at Haneda Airport, I showed the idea that picked up the issue of missiles in the consultation, to seek compliance with such resolutions of the UN Security Council.


And discuss the collected correspondence from the Director of Government ministries and agencies

2014-06-29 11:08:00
From 6:30 around the morning on the 29th, to open the meeting by gathering the director from the relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nishimura Cabinet crisis management audit and Taniuchi national security director, together with any aggregate of information, the government government I have to discuss the correspondence as. Within this, it was confirmed and that such that there is no damage to the ships and aircraft of Japan have been reported, the Ministry of Defense will continue to hit the vigilance and monitoring, and that through diplomatic channels, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest against North Korea. 9 o'clock am, to enter the private residence of Prime Minister Abe of Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Taniuchi national security director and colleagues reported and correspondence of the government as a result of analysis and information.


"Not for North Korea," Defense Minister

2014-06-29 10:14:00
Told reporters, about what can be seen ballistic missiles multiple has been fired towards the Sea of ​​Japan from the east coast of North Korea in the morning on the 29th, Onodera Defense Minister variety against North Korea in the "Japan-North Korea intergovernmental consultation with the Ministry of Defense It said firing in negotiations is being able to Na, and "not for North Korea never, was strongly criticized.


To consider such expenditure goal the method of calculating the medical expenses

2014-06-29 05:17:00
Will be such that the prefecture can work proactively to the suppression of medical expenses continue to increase, set to each prefecture showed the level should be in medical expenses the "spending target", from next month, the government, calculation of the target It is now that you start and how, to consider concrete.


To mail delivery from danger information next month overseas

2014-06-29 04:33:00
In order to prevent a situation in which the Japanese are involved in terrorism abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, next month, a new service that visitors a short period of time, the overseas business trips travel and capability to receive by e-mail the risk information of local It is now that you start from.


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