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Political News(2014/09/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

The willingness to summit meeting with Foreign Minister of South Korea

2014-09-05 23:48:00
5 day and night, Kishida Foreign Minister spoke in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, said, "may interact precisely because there is a difficult challenge is important," said the relationship between China and South Korea, after the inauguration of the second Abe administration, and both countries has shown a willingness superimposed on the realization of the summit that has not been performed between.


The mobilization policy to Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications local creation

2014-09-05 19:55:00
In an interview with, such as NHK, said, "It's the success of the" Local Abenomikusu. "The next challenge of the Abe Cabinet work by mobilizing all the policy," said Takaichi the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, such as by securing financial resources rural disposal, I showed the idea to tackle with full force in the local implementation creation.


I rush Amari economic recovery phase TPP Date rice settlement

2014-09-05 19:31:00
In an interview with, such as NHK, for TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations as could be prolonged if it can not outline agreement by the end of the year, Amari economic recovery minister in bilateral talks with the United States to affect the entire negotiation I showed the idea of ​​rushing to settle, such as the handling of customs duties that are stymied.


Met with Environment Minister Fukushima Governor, et al.

2014-09-05 17:54:00
The 5th, Mochizuki environment minister carefully explained so that you can build a relationship of trust with local in order to visit the Fukushima Prefecture for the first time after he took office, and met with Sato, governor from, to advance the construction of interim storage facility Fukushima Prefecture has decided to accept we showed the idea to go to.


Measures that utilize the appeal of Prime Minister region

2014-09-05 17:36:00
Inspirational to the staff of the Secretariat was established for the realization of the local creation is an important issue of the Cabinet of "town, people and job creation headquarters", Prime Minister Abe, the attractiveness of the region to emphasize the hands-on approach I was instructed to raise the best to put together measures that take advantage.


With full force to the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications local economic revitalization

2014-09-05 17:14:00
Takaichi Minister was briefing to senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, called "so that the lively economic activity spreads to every corner of the Japanese archipelago, let's work hard and squeeze wisdom with everyone," said the realization of local creation I was asked to devote ourselves to the activation of the local economy towards.


I rush adjustment of bills submitted to the local creation

2014-09-05 16:01:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Ishiba local creation minister autumn and amendment of regional revitalization method in order to realize a local creation, was established and strengthening of financial support to the local government, the bills of multiple for submission to the special session of the National Assembly, in the future, we showed the idea of ​​rushing coordination with the relevant ministries and agencies.


"Asahi Shimbun article of influence" comfort women UN report

2014-09-05 15:10:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, the report of the United Nations, which has recommended the compensation and apology to the Japanese government by around the problem of the so-called comfort women, but Chief Cabinet Secretary is influenced by the contents of the article "Asahi Shimbun has canceled large did on're pointed out the "no doubt, we have emphasized the idea of ​​going to explain to the international community the position of Japan continue.


"City Exchange is a large meaning" Asian metropolis conference Governor

2014-09-05 06:57:00
To attend the international conference representatives of large cities in Asia come together, in a ceremony of commemoration, Masuzoe governor of Tokyo have visited the Tomsk city of Russia "has a great sense of knowing each other era in the future" and said, I complained about the importance to deepen exchanges in the city together.


Encourage strengthening the "Sino-Japan Friendship" remarks to the summit achieved

2014-09-05 04:11:00
Among which aims to achieve during the day summit to match the international conference to be held in Beijing in November, from the fact that Xi Jinping Jintao of China is referred to the friendly with Japan in the 3rd, Prime Minister Abe is, to realize government It is thought that for, you want to strengthen the outreach to the Chinese side.


"Backbone to 16 day" Democratic Party Executive Appointments

2014-09-05 00:36:00
Told reporters, for officer personnel of the party, Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party showed the idea that want to consolidate the skeleton until the 16th month of the plan policy workshop of the party will be held in Morioka in Kochi.


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