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Political News(2014/10/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Expenditure suppression without providing sanctuary, including social security costs

2014-10-01 22:35:00
Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government is opened, towards the balance of fiscal consolidation and economic recovery, Prime Minister Abe is, spending without providing the sanctuary, including social security costs when the organization of the next fiscal year, 2015 fiscal year budget I was instructed to Ministers as to address the suppression of.


Prime Minister "in interactive multi-layered" China and South Korea relations improved motivation

2014-10-01 19:35:00
Representative question of the second day against the policy speech of Prime Minister Abe is carried out in the House of Representatives plenary session, "The government and the ruling parties will cooperate, the Diet, Prime Minister Abe is, multilayered towards improving relations with South Korea and China It said that it will continue to promote dialogue Na is "very important, it has shown a willingness to overlap to realize the summit of the two countries by utilizing the opportunity of an international conference.


Apology by Mr. Katayama Satsuki factual errors

2014-10-01 18:13:00
Democrats, for that in connection with the eruption of Ontakesan, Katayama Satsuki House of Councillors diplomatic defense chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party has written "ONTAKESAN deviated from the subject of continuous monitoring in the business sort of Democratic Party" or on Twitter itself , I asked for an apology and withdrawal of posting as "It's groundless." Katayama has apologized on Twitter "is a calling that is based on factual errors, as well as to remove, I would like to apologize," said the response to this.


Direction of enforcement December 10 specific secret protection law

2014-10-01 17:38:00
At a press conference in the afternoon, Yoko Cabinet Deputy Secretary to fulfill our accountability so that in terms of it was clarified that it is adjusted in the direction of come into force on December 10 the specific secret protection laws, it is possible to obtain the understanding of the people I showed the idea that you want.


Early deliberations bill special committee of "local creation"

2014-10-01 13:44:00
For Chief Secretary et al LDP-New Komeito party talks, and to establish with certainty the Diet now and bill that incorporates the basic philosophy is one of the important issues of the Cabinet of "local creation", in the House of Representatives next week or later It was confirmed that policy by installing a new special committee, aims to deliberation into early


Policy decisions to confirm true intention of the North Korean abduction issue

2014-10-01 13:05:00
At a press conference in the morning, for that you have North Korea, want to explain in Pyongyang details of the investigation of the abduction victims, along with the light of the intention of the family of the abductees, Kato Cabinet Deputy Secretary, the real intentions of North Korea we showed the idea Kimetai the policy as soon as possible after confirming.


The strict verification measures of Prime Minister local creation

2014-10-01 12:16:00
Diet, representative questions beginning or in the Upper House plenary session, is one of the important issues of the Cabinet for the "local creation", said, "continue to validate strict measures of ministries", Prime Minister Abe is limited financial resources in that it is, we showed the idea of ​​going to implement centralized policy highly effective.


Census to set up a 1-Year Implementation headquarters

2014-10-01 11:41:00
Towards the census to be carried out in October next year, implementation headquarters is placed on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi efforts to measures to address the declining birthrate and the aging population and the local creation is an important issue of the Cabinet of data "census It said "indispensable, was instructed to take all possible measures to public relations and preparation of the survey.


Adjusted by special chairperson Hatoyama original Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications of the local creation

2014-10-01 06:18:00
The chairman of the special committee to deliberate and bill that incorporates the basic principles of policy to be installed in the House of Representatives at an extraordinary session of the Diet now "local creation", the government and the Liberal Democratic Party, in the direction to appoint Kunio Hatoyama, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications has been adjusted.


Or foundation compaction in Ishiba Minister no faction lawmakers Liaison Committee join

2014-10-01 05:58:00
Ishiba local creation minister also view would be to join the Liaison Committee to make with lawmakers of no faction close to themselves, of whether not there aim to solidify the foundation of the party is staring the political activities of the future has come out.


Ruling and opposition parties work team proposed amendment to the Public Offices Election Law submission policy confirmation

2014-10-01 04:52:00
In response to the establishment of the revised national referendum law to lower the age of 18 more than four years after the voting age of the referendum, the work team of 8 party ruling and opposition parties, amendment of the Public Offices Election Law to lower the age of 18 over the age is obtained the right to vote I have confirmed the policy to be submitted to the special session of the National Assembly now.


Attitude explores judgment of North Korea time of dispatch personnel

2014-10-01 04:09:00
The government's policy is in response to that you have North Korea want to explain in Pyongyang details of the investigation of the abduction victims, be dispatched to Pyongyang personnel, but explores the attitude of North Korea for the time of dispatch It has to be determined while.


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