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Political News(2014/10/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

The start of the verification measures of the past towards a local creation

2014-10-02 21:22:00
In order to summarize the concrete measures aimed at "local creation", At the meeting of two days to start the verification work of the measures so far, with the theme of declining birthrate, the social security policy in the future, the government elderly opinion asking you move the focus to enhance our child care support from welfare has been issued.


"Futenma base relocation is to reduce the burden," Prime Minister

2014-10-02 19:25:00
In the Upper House plenary session, representatives question the second day against the policy speech of Prime Minister Abe is performed, Abe Prime Minister, the National Assembly and the move to "Henoko operation such as the Osprey for the relocation plan of the United States military Futenma base in Okinawa It said that only function, the other functions and "be transferred to the mainland, we have emphasized the idea to promote the relocation to Henoko in Nago.


Match in the Japan-US cooperation to solve, such as the abduction issue

2014-10-02 18:17:00
Davies met with the Special Representative of the United States in charge of the North Korea problem, explain the contents of the intergovernmental consultation with North Korea ahead of Japan and the United States will continue to resolve the abduction issue, such as Ihara Asia Pacific director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs matched by working in conjunction.


The will communicate at a high level to improve relations between Japan and South Korea

2014-10-02 13:12:00
Kishida Foreign Minister be met Cho Tae-young of South Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs that visited Japan (ChoFutoshiIsao) and the first Secretary, towards the improvement of Japan-Korea relations, it is possible to communicate at a high level, such as the realization of the summit meeting of the two countries I told the idea that important.


Prime Minister "new working hours system to ensure health premise"

2014-10-02 12:31:00
Representative question of the second day against the policy speech of Prime Minister Abe is carried out in the Upper House plenary session, the Prime Minister Abe, to determine the remuneration depending on results rather than time worked Diet, for a new "working hours system" , and said, "it shall not be possible to be forced to work long hours", we showed the idea of ​​going to build a system on the premise of ensuring health workers.


outline of the proposed social policy package that women shine

2014-10-02 04:33:00
Towards the realization of a "society for women to shine" is one of the important issues of the Cabinet, and oblige countries and companies the development of the Action Plan on appointment of women, the government, the measures aimed at the implementation of up to around spring next year I have put together the framework of the draft "policy package that all women shine" that incorporate.


Proposed, such as the Tokyo metropolitan area international business environment improvement

2014-10-02 04:24:00
Among government carries out such a bold deregulation and only the region of the "National Strategy Zone", meeting for the first time to discuss the draft plan to be implemented in the Tokyo metropolitan area is opened, the development of international business environment from such as Tokyo such efforts have been proposed.


To the verification of the effect measures of local creation past

2014-10-02 04:15:00
In order to realize is one of the important issues of the Cabinet of "local creation", over 7 times from the 2nd, the work team of the government, in the past the national and local governments have been carried out for the purpose of revitalizing the local It has to be reflected in the comprehensive strategy to validate the effectiveness of measures, are summarized by the end of the year.


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