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Political News(2020/12/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Foreign Minister Motegi Continued support transmission to Mauritius for heavy oil spill on cargo ship

2020-12-13 20:03:00
Foreign Minister Motegi, who is visiting Mauritius, an island country in the Indian Ocean, met with Foreign Minister Boda and will continue to work toward the restoration of the ecosystem and economic recovery following the accident in which a large amount of heavy oil spilled from a Japanese cargo ship. He conveyed his intention to support in the medium to long term.


Prime Minister Suga Go To "Coordinate with local governments to prevent the spread of infection and take appropriate measures"

2020-12-13 17:46:00
Prime Minister Suga exchanged opinions online with executives of local organizations of the LDP and expressed the recognition that "Go To Travel" is supporting the local economy, while coordinating with local governments to prevent the spread of infection. He expressed his desire to respond appropriately.


Hokkaido / Greater Tokyo Area / Chubu Area / Kansai Area "We will do our best to take measures" Minister Nishimura

2020-12-13 11:51:00
Regarding measures against the new coronavirus, Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, said in NHK's "Sunday Debate" that he shared a sense of crisis with the governor of the area where the infection is spreading, Hokkaido, the Greater Tokyo Area, the Chubu Area, and Kansai. He expressed his intention to make every effort to take measures for the area.


Defense Expenses Budget for Next Year Total Expenditures of Approximately 5.34 trillion Yen

2020-12-13 06:14:00
The government has made final adjustments to the total expenditure of about 5.34 trillion yen for defense expenses in the budget plan for the next fiscal year, and is expected to increase for the ninth consecutive year, the highest ever.


Japan-South Africa Foreign Ministers' Meeting Concludes to Strengthen Economic Relations in Corona

2020-12-13 05:12:00
Foreign Minister Motegi met with the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Pandor in the visited South Africa, saying that it is important to recover the economies of both countries that were hit by the spread of the new coronavirus, and while assessing the future infection situation, the economy We agreed to strengthen the relationship.


Prime Minister Suga aims to report to the United Nations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions toward 2030

2020-12-13 04:03:00
At a meeting held five years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement, an international framework for combating global warming, Prime Minister Suga talked about efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions toward 2030. , He expressed his intention to report to the United Nations by November next year.


Support measures for hikikomori people Establish a private working team and consider

2020-12-13 04:02:00
Following the clarification of the serious reality of "hikikomori," the LDP has decided to set up a working team soon and start considering support measures such as strengthening visit support by people with specialized knowledge. ..


NHI drug price reduction Government / ruling party To adjust packing for target items next year

2020-12-13 04:01:00
Regarding the drug price set by the government, the government and the ruling party want to decide the items to be reduced in the next year's revision this week, and it is expected that adjustments will be made.


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