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Political News(2022/03/05)

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's tightening of sanctions is "like a declaration of war"

2022-03-05 22:49:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin strongly restrained Russia on the 5th, saying that Western countries and others are tightening economic sanctions against Russia, saying that it is "like a declaration of war." He reiterated that military operations are proceeding smoothly as planned.


Representative of Ritsumin Izumi Adhering to the "Unforgivable" Three Non-Nuclear Principles

2022-03-05 19:25:00
Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said that there is an opinion that Japan should also discuss "nuclear sharing" in which US nuclear weapons are shared among allies over future security policies based on the situation in Ukraine. He emphasized the idea that the three non-nuclear principles should be adhered to.


[Explanation] North Korea will launch missiles again What is the aim and impact on Japan?

2022-03-05 10:57:00
North Korea launched missiles on the 5th, following the 27th of last month. Launched as the Beijing Paralympics kicked off and Russia continued to invade Ukraine. The aim of North Korea, its future focus, and its impact on Japan will be explained by the Yoshimitsu Nagano Desk of the International Department and the Masatsugu Tokumaru Desk of the Political Department. (The video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds. It cannot be viewed on data broadcasting.)


Attack on Ukrainian nuclear power plant Government strongly condemns Self-Defense Forces to provide supplies

2022-03-05 07:33:00
Regarding the Russian army's attack on the nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the government has a policy of strongly accusing Japan of having experienced a nuclear accident and demanding a ceasefire. On the other hand, based on the request from Ukraine, the government has decided to provide supplies such as bulletproof vests and emergency food owned by the Self-Defense Forces.


Liberal Democratic Party Komeito It is unclear whether it will be possible to reach a discussion on measures against soaring crude oil prices.

2022-03-05 06:11:00
At the party leaders' meeting on the 4th, the Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, and the Democratic Party for the People agreed to proceed with discussions on measures to counter the sharp rise in crude oil prices. Talks are expected to begin next week, but there are negative opinions within the ruling party regarding the unfreezing of the so-called "trigger clause" required by the Democratic Party for the People, and it is unclear whether there will be a deal.


G7 Foreign Ministers Emergency Meeting If Russia continues to attack, it agrees with stricter sanctions

2022-03-05 00:02:00
An urgent meeting of foreign ministers of the G7 = seven major countries was held in Belgium on the night of the 4th over the increasingly tense situation in Ukraine. Foreign Minister Hayashi, who attended online, said after the meeting that Russia had agreed to impose stricter sanctions if it did not stop the attack.


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