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Political News(2022/07/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Kishida to attend NPT Review Conference, departs for US

2022-07-31 19:17:00
Replacement Prime Minister Kishida left for the United States after 7 p.m. on the 31st to attend the Review Conference of the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Prior to his departure, Prime Minister Kishida expressed a strong sense of crisis over the situation in the international community regarding nuclear disarmament, and expressed his intention to increase the momentum toward a world free of nuclear weapons through his attendance at the conference.


Tokyo Koto ward assembly bribery case? Same cleaning work for 3 years in a row?

2022-07-31 07:02:00
A 66-year-old ward assembly member of Tokyo's Koto Ward was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes after receiving cash in return for favoring a contractor in a bid for a cleaning service in the ward. Interviews with investigators revealed that they had received orders for three years in a row. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating in detail how the order was received, including past bids.


Ishin representative election will be announced on the 14th of next month Voting on the 27th 4 people are considering candidacy

2022-07-31 04:56:00
The Japan Restoration Party will hold a representative election to select Matsui's successor on the 14th of next month, and the election will be held on the 27th, and so far four members of the Diet are considering running.


Prime Minister Kishida to visit US tonight to attend NPT review conference

2022-07-31 04:25:00
Prime Minister Kishida will leave for the United States on the night of the 31st to attend the Review Conference of the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The plan is to explain Japan's efforts to realize a world free of nuclear weapons, and to call on other countries to take constructive measures to maintain and strengthen the NPT regime.


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