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Political News(2023/01/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

House of Representatives Information Surveillance Commission recommends defense minister to conduct fact-finding investigation on leak of designated secrets

2023-01-20 21:48:00
In response to the problem that a senior member of the Maritime Self-Defense Force leaked information containing "designated secrets" to alumni, the Information Surveillance Committee of the House of Representatives asked Defense Minister Hamada about the actual state of information provided by incumbent members of the Self-Defense Forces to alumni. recommended to be investigated. This is the first time that the Information Surveillance Commission, set up in both houses of the House of Representatives, has issued a recommendation.


Ritsumin Secretary-General Okada visits Osaka/Kansai Expo venues “Boosts for success”

2023-01-20 18:28:00
Regarding the Osaka-Kansai Expo, Secretary-General Okada of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan visited the venue in Osaka and emphasized the idea of ​​supporting the event as a national event.


House of Councilors Steering Committee unanimously rejects Gersey's overseas travel notification

2023-01-20 17:01:00
Regarding the NHK Party member of the House of Councillors Gersey, who is staying overseas and is absent from the Diet, the House of Councilors Steering Committee will hold a board meeting before the convocation of the ordinary Diet session next week, and will not approve the overseas travel notification submitted by member Gersey. It was decided unanimously.


``Another dimensional declining birthrate'' first meeting

2023-01-20 16:18:00
Regarding countermeasures against the declining birthrate, Minister Ogura emphasized that he would like to proceed with discussions as a whole government, taking into consideration the discussions of the ruling parties, in order to compile a draft of countermeasures.


Komei considers priority child-rearing support measures by the end of March and makes proposals to the government

2023-01-20 16:00:00
Regarding Prime Minister Kishida's aim of "countermeasures against the declining birthrate of a different dimension," Komeito has decided to propose priority child-rearing support measures, such as enhancing child allowances, by the end of March.


Investigative Research Public Relations Stay Expenses “Disclosure of Usage, Prospects in the Diet” Komei Ishii, Secretary-General

2023-01-20 15:42:00
At a press conference, Komeito Secretary-General Ishii said at a press conference that he would like to set a goal for the regular Diet session to be convened next week. showed an idea.


Financial resources for increased defense spending Finance Minister Suzuki cautious about extending the redemption period of government bonds

2023-01-20 15:20:00
Regarding the fact that the special mission committee of the Liberal Democratic Party, which discusses financial resources for defense spending, will discuss the extension of the redemption period of government bonds, Finance Minister Suzuki asked how the market would react to the extension of the redemption period from the perspective of fiscal discipline. I showed a cautious attitude that I should consider it.


Defense Minister Hamada policy to develop legislation to prevent confidential information leaks from contracted companies

2023-01-20 13:55:00
Defense Minister Hamada said that if confidential information such as equipment provided by the Ministry of Defense were leaked through contracted companies, there would be a major security problem, and he will strengthen information security at the ordinary Diet session to be convened next week. He indicated a policy to work on the necessary legal development for this purpose.


Pension payments after April increased for the first time in three years, but actually decreased

2023-01-20 12:39:00
Although the amount of pension payments after April will be raised from the previous year for the first time in three years, due to a measure called ``macroeconomic slide'' to secure future benefit sources, the rate of increase in the amount of payments will be affected by prices and wages. will be kept lower than the rate of increase of


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