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Economic news(2023/02/25)

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G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting closed

2023-02-25 23:39:00
The G20 = meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of 20 major countries held in Bengaluru, southern India, closed on the night of the 25th, Japan time, after two days of discussions. Conflicts continued between Western countries and Russia over Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the world economy, and a joint statement was not compiled as a result of the discussions.


Second day of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Exchange of views on global economic issues

2023-02-25 19:58:00
The G20 = meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of 20 major countries held in Bengaluru, India, began discussions on the second day on the evening of the 25th, Japan time. The focus will be on whether the G20 can show its willingness to work together to solve the problems of the global economy, while the positions of each country differ greatly over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


NY market 1 dollar = price drops to 136 yen range Receiving announcement of personal consumption expenditure

2023-02-25 06:39:00
In the New York foreign exchange market on the 24th, the yen exchange rate fell to the 136 yen level to the dollar for the first time in about two months in response to the announcement of January personal consumption expenditure in the United States.


Electricity rate hike Government to rigorously review Is it difficult to raise prices from April?

2023-02-25 06:16:00
Five of the 10 major electric power companies have applied to the national government for an electricity rate hike from April, but the government plans to conduct a strict review following the instructions of Prime Minister Kishida. It is difficult to raise prices from


Personal consumption expenditure in January rose by 5.4% year-on-year.

2023-02-25 05:35:00
US consumer spending rose 5.4% in January compared to the same month last year. Inflation is showing again that it is continuing, and there is a growing view in the market that interest rate hikes will be prolonged.


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