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Economic news(2023/02/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

How far will it spread to those who work in non-regular employment?

2023-02-26 20:19:00
A succession of companies, especially large ones, are showing policies to raise wages significantly. On the other hand, some companies are looking for a place to work in the midst of record-high prices and labor shortages. The challenge is how far wage increases can be extended not only to regular employees but also to non-regular workers, who account for about 40% of all workers.


Introducing natural water sato, companies responding to growing demand for PET bottled drinking water

2023-02-26 11:12:00
Against the backdrop of rising health consciousness and other factors, the demand for PET bottled drinking water is increasing, and manufacturers are stepping up their businesses one after another.


G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting Unable to Conclude Joint Statement Due to Opposition to Russia and China

2023-02-26 05:12:00
The G20 = Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting of 20 major countries held in Bengaluru, southern India, closed on the night of the 25th, Japan time, after two days of discussions. Russia and China expressed their opposition to Japan, the West, and others who strongly condemned the invasion of Ukraine and were concerned about its impact on the world economy.


What remains of the joint statement of the government and the Bank of Japan [Economic column]

2023-02-26 00:11:00
On the 24th, the House of Representatives heard the opinion and questioned economist Kazuo Ueda, who was presented by the government as a candidate to succeed Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan. This column will focus on the "joint statement" of the government and the Bank of Japan, which raised many questions during the policy hearing. The "Joint Statement" includes the phrase "establishment of a sustainable fiscal structure" along with the "2% price stability target." However, over the past decade, Japan's fiscal situation has become increasingly severe, and some say that fiscal discipline has loosened. We examined what kind of role the "Joint Statement" played in Japan's fiscal management. (Economics Department reporter Neil Kato)


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