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Economic news(2023/04/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

G7 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting Concludes, Adopts Ministerial Statement on Support for Agriculture in Ukraine

2023-04-23 11:54:00
The G7 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting of seven major countries held in Miyazaki City ended after two days of discussions. The ministers adopted a ministerial statement that includes support for agriculture in Ukraine and strengthening of sustainable food systems, after expressing deep concern that Russia's military aggression against Ukraine is affecting food security.


Is the 8 consecutive rise in stock prices real? God of investment? Inbound? [Economic column]

2023-04-23 00:05:00
On the 18th, the Nikkei Stock Average rose for eight consecutive business days, and the closing price reached a new high. Is it the inbound effect, the effect of the “low PBR reform”, or the aftermath of Warren Buffett’s visit to Japan, who is called the “god of investment”? The market has been given a series of positive factors, and expectations for further increases have risen, but on the other hand, there are also voices questioning its sustainability. We covered the current state of the market where various viewpoints intersect. (Economics Department reporter Koki Nishizono)


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