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Political News(2013/12/15)

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Cooperation identified in safety and freedom of flight Yue

2013-12-15 19:27:00
Prime Minister Abe met with Prime Minister Dung of Vietnam, for that China has set the air defense identification zone to a wide range of East China Sea, in order to ensure the safety and freedom of flight, and that it will continue to support the two countries work together matched.


A reference to the actual cost to collect from special adoption adoptive parents

2013-12-15 16:46:00
In response to that the city has administrative guidance as there was inappropriate cases, such as to collect the amount by around the mediation business of special adoption, operators of the Tokyo metropolitan area is greater than the actual cost from the adoptive parents, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare operators But it was decided to set clear standards for such as in the range of the actual cost that can be received from the adoptive parents.


The ODA loan of 63 billion yen over to Myanmar

2013-12-15 12:14:00
Prime Minister Abe met with Thein Sein President of Myanmar, it was announced that for infrastructure such as roads and railways of Myanmar, to carry out an ODA loan of 63 billion yen more than the new.


Discussion tour the introduction timing of the reduced tax rate

2013-12-15 11:57:00
Shown the idea that should be introduced in terms of a Sunday discussion of NHK, by around the introduction timing of the reduced tax rate of consumption tax, Noda tax investigation chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, to discuss sprinkled also officials to obtain an understanding whereas, Saito tax investigation chairman of the New Komeito, showed a recognition that it can be fully introduced when pulled 10 percent consumption tax rate.


69% custody age reduction opposite

2013-12-15 07:47:00
Amid reduction of adult age are discussed Tour of the revision of the National Referendum Law, which stipulates the procedures for constitutional reform, poll by the Cabinet Office went, about to reduce to 18 years the age at which custody is no longer inferior to the children, "opposite People who answered the opposite "Speaking or" either "has climbed to 69%.


The withdrawal request policy in China received a joint statement

2013-12-15 05:57:00
The government response to the fact that at a special summit meeting of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations and Japan, a joint statement was such as to strengthen their cooperation in order to ensure the safety and freedom of flight in mind the setting of the air defense identification zone by the Chinese is coherent It is the policy of Te, to seek the withdrawal of the measures of any continued against China.


Preparing committee established specific secret specified check

2013-12-15 04:12:00
Government's policy to be launched within the year the preparatory committee in response to that particular secret protection law was promulgated, to check the validity of certain specified secret configured with Permanent Secretary grade of "Conservation Monitoring Committee", We decided to proceed with the consideration toward the establishment of a monitoring system that is effective.


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