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Political News(2013/12/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

The warning to the military provocation of the North Korean government

2013-12-30 11:20:00
From the fact that it is suggested to overlap the possibility to perform such tells Kim Jung Eun first secretary of North Korea rush to battle prepared for the military, the provocative military, government, North Korea externally as there is a risk that comes into action to increase the tension, and sharpen vigilance, such as contact with the countries concerned.


To government EEZ legislation authentic study

2013-12-30 05:41:00
In order to promote the development of marine resources such as methane hydrate, also next month, to open the first meeting of the Council of Ministers, the government, for the development of new legislation to manage the EEZ = exclusive economic zone of Japan We decided to be a full-scale debate.


Specific secret protection law is to repeal the Democratic bill submitted

2013-12-30 05:15:00
Dispel concerns of the people for a particular secret Protection Act as not been (dispel), the Democratic Party has decided to submit a bill to repeal the law in the ordinary Diet session next year, to strengthen the confrontation to the government and the ruling party .


Adjust the sports version of the Davos conference held in Tokyo

2013-12-30 04:15:00
The government, in the direction to open in Tokyo in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games in 2020, inviting experts from around the world in 2017, to discuss such issues and the role that sport plays in society, sports version of "Davos" I am promoting the adjustment.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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