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Political News(2020/02/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

The proper dissemination of the Japan Medical Association online clinic

2020-02-01 17:42:00
Japan Medical Association, in which the aging of the rural population decline and doctors advance, as in order to maintain the quality of local health care we need appropriate dissemination of "online medical care", the idea to work on, such as training for doctors It showed.


Atypical pneumonia prime minister "further measures top priority to protect life."

2020-02-01 12:39:00
Towards the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, in the government from one day begin to strengthen, such as border measures, measures meeting of the headquarters is opened, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is that to protect the health and people's lives than "What as soon as possible develop further measures to the highest priority, it was to instruct the ministers urgently run to want transferred. "


Experienced people 60% more than the Cabinet Office in contact with the person with dementia

2020-02-01 10:28:00
In an increase of people with dementia is expected, in the public opinion survey by the Cabinet Office, the person who answered that there be in contact with people with dementia, compared with 60% more than, the previous-five years ago of the investigation, about 5 points now high.


From the National Assembly beginning of the week to the real question of the new fiscal year budget

2020-02-01 07:07:00
Diet In 31 days, intensive discussion is carried out, corresponding to and from a new type of coronavirus, On such as "meeting to see the cherry blossoms", debate has been exchanged. From the beginning of the week, in the House of Representatives Budget Committee, substantial discussion of the new fiscal year budget will begin.


It committed the government to prevent the spread of infection, such as atypical pneumonia refusal of entry

2020-02-01 04:06:00
In response to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the government, reject the entry of such foreign nationals where there is a stay history in China, Hubei Province within 14 days before the entry application, was crossing the unusual measures. In addition, the enforcement of the ordinance, now take well as forcibly hospitalized to measure from 1 day, the government, we are to be given the utmost to prevent spread of infection.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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