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Political News(2020/02/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Winner of the Kyoto mayoral election epic Mr. fourth Kadokawa incumbent

2020-02-02 22:52:00
The ruling and opposition parties is incumbent on rookie 2 people challenged's Kyoto mayoral election in pushing in sharing a ride, two days voting is carried out, Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa of incumbent played the winning of the fourth.


"The government of thorough measures necessary parliamentary consideration" the Liberal Democratic Party, Tatsumin talks

2020-02-02 20:58:00
In response to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, Diet Affairs Committee Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party has held talks two days night, we confirmed the policy that the government continue to consideration as the National Assembly to take all possible measures.


Tatsumin Edano representative "Tokyo Koken Prosecutor work extended a clear evasion of the law."

2020-02-02 19:32:00
For that the government has decided to extend the work of the Prosecutor of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, Edano representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "with a clear evasion of the law, Prime Minister's Office should not move arbitrarily personnel", criticized want did.


Visited the Nishimura economic regeneration phase "withdrawal" support efforts

2020-02-02 15:34:00
Nishimura economic regeneration minister, visited the Osaka Toyonaka, people who aim to reintegration from the withdrawal, has visited the efforts to provide a place to get used to the work.


Opinion to the government from the ruling and opposition parties received Sunday debate atypical pneumonia outbreak

2020-02-02 12:02:00
Response to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, in the "Sunday discussion" of NHK, from both the ruling and opposition parties, strengthening and development of a simple test kit of border measures, it is opinion that seek to provide accurate information to the government has been issued.


Protest Yokosuka, Kanagawa Middle East dispatch civil society organizations of the Maritime Self-Defense Force

2020-02-02 11:50:00
Escort ship in the Self-Defense Forces dispatched to the Middle East was starting, in the vicinity of the base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, people who oppose the dispatch gave a protest.


To the recommendations compiled to the way study government of Tatsumin infertility treatment support

2020-02-02 06:31:00
And let's reduce the burden of the people who undergo a fertility treatment, even a little, the Constitutional Democratic Party that summarize the recommendations to the government by, for example, listen to the opinions from the people who launched the working team, experienced a treatment to consider the way of support to have.


Dispatch instructions received escort ship today departure of the Maritime Self-Defense Force in the Middle East region

2020-02-02 05:02:00
Received a dispatch instruction to the Middle East, 2 days, departed from the base to escort ships of Maritime Self-Defense Force is in the Kanagawa Prefecture, we decided to hit the information collected in the field from the end of this month.


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