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Political News(2020/02/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government basic policy draft "to the health care provider system of critically ill patients heart in patients with an increase of"

2020-02-24 19:29:00
Draft of the specific measures the incorporates's government of the basic policy to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus was found. In addition to taking appropriate measures to prevent spread of infection in order to suppress the pace at which the patient is increased, the future, if the number of patients has increased significantly, in order to develop a health care provider system with a focus on patients with severe, the mild symptoms people is such as to seek medical treatment at home has become a pillar.


Government briefings of the fifth to the corona virus overseas media for

2020-02-24 18:35:00
In response to that corresponding to have come up with criticism from foreign media to the new coronavirus cruise ship outbreaks have been confirmed of the government, 24 days afternoon, following this month 21 days, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, overseas media open the press conference, we have explained again and measures to prevent spread of infection.


To policy development in the "small-scale important to stifle outbreaks" government 25 days

2020-02-24 17:13:00
The new government meeting of the expert meeting of the surrounding corona virus is opened, that stifle small-scale outbreaks that have occurred in various places without expanded more matched with the recognition that the most important. The government, in light of this opinion, we have a comprehensive basic policy that incorporates specific measures to prevent the spread of infection to be summarized 25 days.


"The strengthening of the patient increase suppression and medical provision system of" new corona thickness Rosho

2020-02-24 11:47:00
Meeting of the expert meeting of the government over the new coronavirus is opened, Kato, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, together with measures to suppress the pace at which the patient is increased, in case in the future, the number of patients has increased significantly, the health care provider It showed the idea to rush to strengthen the system.


To be the basic policy formulated in tomorrow towards the government patient increase suppression

2020-02-24 06:51:00
Tour of the new coronavirus, the government, as it is the stage of whether or not the transition period infection is further expanded, with focus on addressing policy measures to suppress the pace at which the patient is increased, overall incorporating concrete measures a basic policy, we have to be summarized in 25 days.


The Diet resolution of "climate emergency declaration" is bipartisan Parliamentary League launched

2020-02-24 06:19:00
As the National Assembly, bipartisan Parliamentary League, which aims a resolution of trying to show its determination to tackle global warming "climate emergency declaration" was launched.


Multiple in the meeting, the government specific rules for creating a log ... IR Basic Policy

2020-02-24 05:27:00
In response to the corruption case surrounding the IR = integrated resort facility, the government, the basic policy toward the IR maintenance also be determined in the next month, when the ministers and state public servants is in contact with the casino operators, always in multiple visitation to, such as leaving a record, have been adjusted in the direction to include the specific rules.


Expand the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications financial support to the installation increase in child guidance center

2020-02-24 04:08:00
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications towards the prevention of child abuse is a policy by local governments to boost efforts to increase the child guidance centers, such as raising the burden proportion of the country of installation costs to 70% from 50%, to expand the financial support.


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