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Political News(2020/05/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Eight prefectures Judgment on whether or not emergency declaration can be canceled around 21st

2020-05-17 18:20:00
For eight prefectures that continue to declare an emergency situation, Minister Nishimura, in charge of economic revitalization, held an expert meeting around the 21st of this week to establish a test system that would not overlook signs of new infections in addition to the number of new infections. I showed the idea to decide whether or not it can be canceled, taking into consideration whether it is set.


"Relaxation also spreads infection again" Economic recovery minister requests continuation of refraining from going out

2020-05-17 12:18:00
In the 8th Sunday debate by NHK, the Minister of Economic Rehabilitation, who is in charge of the countermeasures against the new coronavirus, said that there is a possibility that the infection will spread again if the patient feels relaxed. , Continued to take measures such as refraining from going out, and called for measures such as keeping the distance from people even in the prefecture where it was canceled.


Increased medical treatment fee Self-Defense Force hospital Corona without improving treatment

2020-05-17 05:27:00
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the medical fees that were raised to improve the treatment of medical staff are not stored in the national treasury at the Self-Defense Forces Hospital, which has not led to the improvement of treatment.


Cash 100,000 yen uniform payment Typing mistakes in online application Corona

2020-05-17 05:20:00
There is an increasing number of cases in which information such as family members is incorrectly entered in the online application for cash 100,000 yen uniform payment, and it takes time to confirm the local government. I am calling to do it.


Even in 8 prefectures where the declaration continues, be wary of the loosening of the population increase New Corona

2020-05-17 04:38:00
Since the number of people in the eight prefectures where declarations have been continued has been increasing since the declaration of emergency was lifted in 39 prefectures, the government is wary that the infection could re-expand if they relax. , It is our policy to persevere to continue efforts such as refraining from going out toward the end of this month.


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