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Political News(2020/10/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Governor of Okayama Prefecture Ryuta Ibaragi, incumbent, won the third prize

2020-10-25 22:54:00
The Okayama prefectural governor's election, which was a battle between the incumbent and the newcomer, was voted on the 25th, and the incumbent Ryuta Ibaragi won the election for the third time.


Toyama Governor Election Rookie Hachiro Nitta Defeats current position and is sure to win

2020-10-25 21:51:00
In the Toyama prefectural governor's election, which became the composition of "conservative division" for the first time in half a century, Mr. Hachiro Nitta, a newcomer and former president of a gas company, confirmed his first election.


Listening to requests from the prime minister's local organization Online in view of the House of Representatives election

2020-10-25 18:11:00
On the 25th, Prime Minister Suga exchanged opinions online with executives of local organizations of the LDP and listened to requests from various regions.


Representative Edano of Ritsumin "Dissolution is not strange at any time" Hurry up for election preparation

2020-10-25 17:44:00
Regarding the dissolution of the House of Representatives, the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative, Edano, reiterated his thoughts on urgent preparations for the House of Representatives election, saying that it would not be strange at any time after the convocation of the extraordinary Diet session on the 26th.


Countermeasures against prejudice and discrimination against the new corona Minister Nishimura will make an interim report early next month

2020-10-25 15:09:00
Regarding measures against prejudice and discrimination regarding the new coronavirus, the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura expressed his intention to compile an interim report early next month in a working group established under a subcommittee of the government.


Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Kishi Defense Minister "I doubt its effectiveness without the addition of nuclear-weapon states"

2020-10-25 14:53:00
Regarding the decision to enter into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Minister of Defense Kishi said that the nuclear-weapon states have not participated and the effectiveness is questionable, and the international community including the nuclear-weapon states can agree on the abolition of nuclear weapons. He showed the idea that it is necessary to create an environment.


Opinions from the ruling and opposition parties regarding the conditions for participation in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

2020-10-25 13:46:00
In NHK's "Sunday Debate" about the decision to enter into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the ruling and opposition parties pointed out that the process of nuclear disarmament and the conditions for Japan's participation should be discussed, and that they requested participation.


To be asked for discussions by each country to enter into force

2020-10-25 13:21:00
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which bans the development, possession and use of nuclear weapons, will come into effect in January next year, satisfying the requirements of ratification of 50 countries and regions. Proponent countries want to use a treaty that makes nuclear weapons illegal as a new norm, but nuclear-weapon states are against it, and each country will be required to discuss how to proceed with nuclear disarmament in the future.


The ruling and opposition parties discuss the issue of appointment of the Science Council of Japan and the ideal state of the organization

2020-10-25 11:59:00
At NHK's "Sunday Debate" over the "Science Council of Japan," the Constitutional Democratic Party expressed its intention to ask the government to explain why it did not appoint six member candidates at the extraordinary Diet session convened on the 26th. In response, the Liberal Democratic Party argued that the government's response was appropriate and that the organization needed to be reviewed.


Handling of personal information that differs between local governments Government considers common rules

2020-10-25 11:25:00
The government is currently considering the protection and operation of personal information in the direction of stipulating common rules nationwide, as it differs depending on the local government.


Increase the subsidy for childbirth costs to stop the declining birthrate

2020-10-25 08:06:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's former political research chairman Kishida and Seiko Noda, acting secretary-general, will soon launch a new parliamentary federation to consider increasing the "lump-sum childbirth and childcare allowance" to subsidize childbirth costs. became.


Ritsumin "Science Council is active without problems" To strengthen the pursuit of the government

2020-10-25 06:17:00
Regarding the Science Council of Japan, the Constitutional Democratic Party has put together a view that the activities are being carried out without problems, such as making 80 proposals and reports annually, and the LDP does not point out that "the activities are not visible". It was.


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