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Political News(2022/04/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Liberal Democratic Vice President Aso “Strengthening Relations with the Union to Realize Policy”

2022-04-17 19:43:00
Regarding the relationship with the labor union, Liberal Democratic Party Deputy Governor Aso said that it is the Liberal Democratic Party that is actively seeking management to raise wages, and said that he would like to strengthen the relationship with the coalition toward the realization of the policy. rice field.


Prime Minister Kishida “Improvement of food self-sufficiency and strengthening of international competitiveness of agriculture”

2022-04-17 17:23:00
Prime Minister Kishida visited Ishikawa Prefecture on the 17th to exchange opinions with local residents in a wheelchair, and as food prices continue to rise due to the situation in Ukraine, the food self-sufficiency rate will be further improved and the international competitiveness of agriculture will be improved. He showed his intention to work on strengthening.


Representative of Izumi Ritsumin “Support for child-rearing such as free lunch and high school tuition”

2022-04-17 17:14:00
Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, gave a street speech in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, criticizing that "although the LDP has been in power for most of the last 30 years, the child-rearing support policy was inadequate." He expressed the idea that support measures such as free high school tuition and other support measures are needed.


Ministry of Defense “North Korea is considered to launch some missile on the 16th”

2022-04-17 14:57:00
In connection with North Korea's announcement that it had succeeded in launching a "new tactical guided weapon," the Ministry of Defense is believed to have launched some kind of missile on the 16th, and the missile types and other information will continue. , Revealed that it is collecting and analyzing information.


Minister of Justice Furukawa "Promote protection law development according to refugees" who escapes from conflict

2022-04-17 12:15:00
While advancing the acceptance of refugees from Ukraine, Minister of Justice Furukawa said in a Sunday debate on NHK that legislation was put in place to create a new system that protects people who have fled the conflict in the same way as refugees. I have repeatedly shown my thoughts on how to proceed.


Foreign Minister Hayashi to visit the former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia during the long holidays

2022-04-17 05:32:00
Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Hayashi is coordinating to visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia, in line with the long holidays, meeting with government officials and working together to improve the situation. I want to plan.


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