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Political News(2022/04/25)

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Foreign Minister Hayashi and South Korean delegation “closely communicate and agree with the new administration”

2022-04-25 22:42:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi exchanged opinions over dinner with the delegation sent by South Korean President-elect Yun Seo-gyeol to Japan, and under the new administration of South Korea, closely communicated between Japan and South Korea. It was a match by going.


Meeting with the delegation of the Minister of Defense to the next president-elect of South Korea "Important cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea"

2022-04-25 21:17:00
Minister of Defense Kishi met with a delegation sent by South Korean President-elect Yoon Seo-gyeol to Japan, and the security environment is becoming more severe, including the situation surrounding North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles. He conveyed the idea that cooperation between the three countries, including Japan, South Korea and the United States, is important.


Coordinating to meet with Prime Minister Kishida tomorrow's next president-elect delegation

2022-04-25 20:33:00
On the 26th, Prime Minister Kishida will make adjustments to meet with the delegation sent by South Korean President-elect Yun Seo-gyeol to Japan.


Prime Minister "Continue momentum to the Upper House election" Winning the Upper House Ishikawa constituency by-election

2022-04-25 19:21:00
Following the election of a former member of the Liberal Democratic Party in the by-election of the House of Councilors Ishikawa on the 24th, Prime Minister Kishida has momentum toward victory in the summer Upper House election at the party's board meeting held on the 25th. I instructed them to unite and prepare for the continuation.


Former Prime Minister Abe "The depreciation of the yen is positive for the Japanese economy" Emphasizing support for the BOJ's measures

2022-04-25 18:06:00
Regarding the rapid depreciation of the yen, former LDP Prime Minister Abe pointed out that the current level is not a concern for the Japanese economy but a plus, and supports the measures taken by the Bank of Japan to curb the rise in interest rates. Emphasized the idea of ​​doing.


N party changed party name to "NHK party"

2022-04-25 17:35:00
"The party that protects the people who do not pay the NHK reception fee" changed the party name to "NHK party" on the 25th.


Ishin Baba co-representative "Support for technological innovation in the bio field" House of Councilors election pledge

2022-04-25 17:16:00
Regarding global warming countermeasures, Baba, co-representative of the Nippon Ishin no Kai, expressed his intention to support technological innovation in the biotechnology field and to aim for economic growth at the same time in the pledge of the upper house election in the summer. ..


To improve the inoculation rate of the younger generation Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Requested cooperation from the university Okinawa

2022-04-25 16:11:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, who is in charge of vaccination, met with university officials in the visited Okinawa prefecture and asked for cooperation such as dissemination of information and transportation to the vaccination site in order to improve the vaccination rate of the younger generation. ..


Meeting with Foreign Minister Hayashi of the Korean Delegation “I would like to have a sincere dialogue to improve relations”

2022-04-25 12:33:00
The delegation sent by President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol of South Korea to Japan met with Foreign Minister Hayashi and others. After the visit, the delegation expressed its willingness to engage in a dialogue on various issues between the two countries in order to improve Japan-South Korea relations, while expressing the idea that a diplomatic effort by both sides is required to resolve the issue.


31-year-old born in Heisei, the youngest mayor in Japan is born. Mayor of Sennan, Osaka

2022-04-25 00:34:00
Yuma Yamamoto, who was born in 1990 and is 31 years old, won the first election in the mayoral election of Sennan City, Osaka. Mr. Yamamoto will be the youngest mayor in Japan among the incumbent mayors.


House of Councilors Ishikawa constituency by-election Mr. Shuji Miyamoto, a former member of the Liberal Democratic Party, was elected for the third time

2022-04-25 00:23:00
Shuji Miyamoto (51), a former member of the Liberal Democratic Party and recommended by the Komeito Party, won the by-election in the Ishikawa constituency, which is the prelude to the upper house election in the summer.


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