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Political News(2022/04/18)

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Japan-Switzerland Summit Talks Strong Sanctions on Russia Consent on Continuing Policy

2022-04-18 20:16:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with Swiss President Cassis, who is visiting Japan for the first time. They agreed to continue strong sanctions against Russia, saying that many civilians were killed by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine.


Japan-Switzerland Summit Meeting Do you agree with the unity of the international community in close cooperation?

2022-04-18 18:54:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with Swiss President Cassis, who is visiting Japan for the first time. As the international order was shaken by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the two countries expressed their desire to work closely together to unite the international community.


Unusual attendance at the Liberal Democratic Party meeting, Chairman of the Union Yoshino

2022-04-18 17:28:00
Union Chairman Yoshino attended the Liberal Democratic Party's meeting and argued that it was necessary to correct the wage gap between men and women. It is unusual for the president of a coalition supporting the opposition to attend a LDP meeting.


G7 Next year's venue in Japan “I want to decide by the end of June” Chief Cabinet Secretary

2022-04-18 14:12:00
Regarding the G7 Summit, which is expected to be held in Japan next year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno reiterated his desire to decide the venue by the end of June.


Chief Cabinet Secretary of "Cautionary Surveillance" for North Korea's "Successful Experiment with New Tactical Guided Weapons"

2022-04-18 12:15:00
Regarding the announcement that North Korea has succeeded in launching a "new tactical guided weapon," Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said that he thought he had launched some kind of missile, and expressed his intention to continue to do his best to collect and analyze information and monitor alerts. I did.


Liberal Democratic Party Introduced to master's degree system for refunding tuition fees according to income after graduation

2022-04-18 04:09:00
In order to provide financial support for higher education, the Liberal Democratic Party's research committee has set up a mechanism for graduate students in the master's program to return money according to their income after graduation without paying tuition fees while attending school. I have summarized the outline of the proposal that it should be introduced in.


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