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Political News(2023/03/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

``Recruitment'' issue South Korean government final adjustment to announce solution tomorrow

2023-03-05 18:02:00
Regarding the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, the Korean government announced on the 6th that a foundation under the Korean government will pay the plaintiffs on behalf of the Japanese company that was ordered to pay compensation by the court. We are making final adjustments in the direction of announcing.


Ritsumin “Develop a leave system for re-learning” to make it compatible with work

2023-03-05 13:05:00
In the government's policy of supporting re-skilling = re-learning of working people, the Constitutional Democratic Party has summarized the idea that a leave system for re-learning should be established so that it can be compatible with work.


Monetary Policy Liberal Democratic Party “Government and Bank of Japan Joint Statement Unchanged” Ritsumin “Should be Reviewed”

2023-03-05 11:58:00
Regarding monetary policy, in NHK's "Sunday Debate", the LDP emphasized that there was no need to change the joint statement of the government and the Bank of Japan, which included a price stability target of 2%. Instead, he argued that it should be reviewed.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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