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Political News(2023/03/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan-U.S. Joint Memorial Ceremony for War Dead on Iwo Jima, Site of Fierce Battles at the End of the Pacific War

2023-03-25 23:03:00
A memorial service was held on Iwo Jima, the site of a fierce battle at the end of the Pacific War, to commemorate the war dead of both Japan and the United States.


Raise salaries for national public employees Retroactive payment to part-time employees

2023-03-25 16:02:00
In an effort to correct the disparity between full-time and part-time employees regarding salaries of national public servants, the government will review the operation so that if salaries are raised in the middle of the fiscal year, the increase will be paid to part-time employees retroactively to the beginning of the fiscal year. decided.


Ritsumin Abolish the law of "not paying overtime" for work style reform of teachers

2023-03-25 15:47:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is aiming to abolish the law that stipulates that overtime pay will not be paid for public school teachers' work style reform.


Eligible for child allowance payment Adjusted "up to junior high school students" to "up to 18 years old" Government

2023-03-25 04:50:00
In order to strengthen countermeasures against the declining birthrate, the government has begun coordination to raise the eligible age for child allowances to 18 years old. In addition to reviewing the income limit, we are also considering adding it to households with multiple children, and we plan to include it in the draft measures for the declining birthrate that will be compiled within this month.


Liberal Democrat Abe faction five influential lawmakers meet with former Prime Minister Mori to exchange opinions on faction management

2023-03-25 00:16:00
Five influential members of the Abe faction, including Liberal Democratic Party chairman Hagiuda, secretary-general of the House of Councilors Seko, and chief cabinet secretary Matsuno, and former prime minister Mori, who is the former chairman of the faction, met on the night of the 24th to discuss the future management of the faction. It seems that they exchanged opinions on such matters.


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