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Political News(2023/07/07)

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U.S. Forces Japan Osprey “Training at a Lower Altitude” Agreed by Japanese and U.S. Governments

2023-07-07 22:55:00
The Japanese and U.S. governments have agreed to conduct flight training for the Osprey transport aircraft of the U.S. military in Japan from the 10th of this month at an altitude of approximately 60 to 150 meters, which is lower than before.


Prime Minister Kishida's term of office is on par with former Prime Minister Miyazawa ``The content is important, not the period''

2023-07-07 20:50:00
Prime Minister Kishida said that the tenure of office is 9 days and that it is the content that is important, not the period, regarding the fact that he is on par with former Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, who is in the same Liberal Democratic Party faction. I emphasized my desire to


A year after the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe, the scene changed dramatically, and the defendant's statement

2023-07-07 18:35:00
On the 8th, it will be a year since former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot while giving a speech in Nara. The situation on the ground has changed, and a group of lawyers who have been helping former Unification Church members issued a statement today. What can be seen from the defendant's statements so far?


Osaka Neyagawa Introduced a new system where the mayor's salary is determined by citizens' evaluation

2023-07-07 15:53:00
Neyagawa City, Osaka, will introduce a new system that determines the salary of the mayor and others based on the evaluation of the city administration from citizens, and the related ordinance was passed at the 7th city council.


Ritsumin Izumi Representative “Can we create a framework for the Liberal Democratic Party?” Coordination with opposition parties

2023-07-07 13:47:00
Concerning the next House of Representatives election, Izumi, the leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, "I would like to keep the possibility of creating a large framework for the LDP," changing the conventional policy and planning to coordinate with the opposition parties. is shown again.


G7 City Ministers' Meeting Begins Today, Discussing Themes such as Securing Green Spaces and Decarbonization

2023-07-07 07:23:00
G7 = The city ministers meeting of seven major countries will open in Takamatsu City on the 7th. On the first day, the 7th, a welcome event will be held locally, and from the 8th to 2nd, full-scale discussions will be held on themes such as securing green spaces in cities and decarbonizing buildings.


Liberal Democrats without chairman Abe faction exchanges opinions Battle for leadership over management

2023-07-07 07:06:00
After the death of former Prime Minister Abe, the Abe faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, which has no chairman, will continue to discuss how the faction should be managed from next week, the first anniversary of Mr. Abe's death. Disputes are also expected to surface.


Investigation of the former Unification Church continues Carefully consider whether it meets the requirements for requesting a dissolution order

2023-07-07 06:33:00
On the 8th, it will be a year since former Prime Minister Abe was shot. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is continuing to investigate the actual situation of the former Unification Church, which has attracted interest in the wake of the incident, and is carefully considering whether it meets the requirements for requesting a dissolution order.


Okinawa Governor Tamaki visits China, meets with Fujian top management, agrees to promote exchanges

2023-07-07 06:18:00
Governor Tamaki of Okinawa Prefecture held talks with the top officials of Fujian Province in China, with whom the two countries have a friendly relationship, and agreed to promote exchanges in fields such as economy and tourism.


It will be one year tomorrow from the shooting incident of former Prime Minister Abe Strengthening requests for safety measures to each political party

2023-07-07 06:01:00
8 days will mark one year since former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot during his campaign speech. In the wake of the incident, the operation of guarding VIPs was fundamentally reconsidered, but after the incident in which Prime Minister Kishida was attacked, the National Police Agency asked each political party to give priority to indoor speech venues. We are stepping up efforts to request safety measures.


Former Prime Minister Abe's "state funeral" to create a record collection for future reference

2023-07-07 05:13:00
Regarding the "state funeral" of former Prime Minister Abe held in September last year, the government is preparing a collection of records that summarizes the details of the implementation in order to keep it as a reference for the future.


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