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Political News(2023/07/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

LDP Taiwan lawmakers agree to continue communication in the economic and security fields

2023-07-27 20:24:00
The chairmen of the Liberal Democratic Party's foreign affairs and defense subcommittees met in Taiwan with ruling party lawmakers who specialize in the fields of diplomacy and defense. We agreed to continue communication.


Mina health insurance card Prime Minister “Consider listening to opinions from medical professionals”

2023-07-27 18:01:00
There are voices within the Liberal Democratic Party calling for a review of the policy to abolish the current health insurance card next fall and integrate it with the My Number card. I showed the idea to consider.


Prime Minister A series of heavy rain disasters nationwide to be designated as ``extremely severe disaster''

2023-07-27 17:57:00
In response to the heavy rain disasters that occurred successively in various places during the rainy season, Prime Minister Kishida uniformly designated the damage nationwide, including northern Kyushu and Akita Prefecture, as ``extremely severe disasters,'' and provided support for the costs of restoration. I made my intentions clear.


Komei Deputy Representative of the North "I don't think the Communist Party should disappear"

2023-07-27 13:49:00
In response to Baba, the representative of the Japan Restoration Party, who criticized the Communist Party as ``a political party that would be good if it disappeared,'' Kitagawa's vice-chairman of the Komeito said, ``I don't think it should be lost,'' and among various opinions. pointed out that it is the role of politics to build consensus.


Prime Minister Kishida visits the site of heavy rain damage in Kurume City

2023-07-27 13:41:00
Prime Minister Kishida visited Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which was damaged by record-breaking heavy rain this month, inspected the site of the debris flow, and expressed his intention to do his utmost to support recovery.


Consulate-General of Japan explains to Hong Kong media about treated water release plan

2023-07-27 09:11:00
Held a briefing for the media in Hong Kong, which has become a major export destination for Japan's agricultural, forestry and fishery products, in order to get them to understand the plan to dilute the treated water that accumulates at the Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and release it into the sea. A Japanese Consulate General has opened.


“Minor health insurance card” postponed within the Liberal Democratic Party, government considers response

2023-07-27 06:17:00
There is a growing opinion within the Liberal Democratic Party that the government's policy of abolishing the current health insurance card and integrating it with the My Number card next fall should be reviewed, including delaying the abolition. The government believes that alleviating public anxiety is a major premise, and is considering how to respond.


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