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Political News(2023/07/19)

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In the next House of Representatives election of the Meiji Restoration, the Liberal Democratic Party will support the eldest son of former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura

2023-07-19 18:07:00
The Japan Restoration Party has decided to field Kenichi Kawamura, the eldest son of former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura, who served as a member of the House of Representatives for many years in the Liberal Democratic Party, in Tokyo's 6th district in the next House of Representatives election.


Restoration House of Representatives member Kiyonari Maekawa convicted in two trials Osaka High Court

2023-07-19 17:45:00
Kiyonari Maekawa, a member of the House of Representatives of the Japan Restoration Party, was charged with violating the Public Offices Election Law for sending a document calling for voting to an unspecified number of voters before the election for the House of Representatives was publicly announced two years ago. The Osaka High Court dismissed the member's claim of innocence and, following the first trial, sentenced him to a fine of 300,000 yen.


Defense Minister Hamada Mageshima Self-Defense Force base construction "Efforts not to cause anxiety"

2023-07-19 16:48:00
Minister of Defense Hamada and Governor Shiota meet regarding the construction of the Self-Defense Forces base on Mageshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. asked to teach In response, Minister Hamada responded that he would make efforts not to cause anxiety to the residents.


Liberal Democrats House of Representatives election Tokyo 5 single-seat constituency decision Tokyo 28 wards

2023-07-19 16:35:00
For the next House of Representatives election, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has decided on candidates for five single-seat constituencies in Tokyo, including the "Tokyo 28 wards," where Komeito temporarily sought to field the two parties and caused conflict between the two parties.


Democratic Party for the People election on September 2 Will there be a candidate to oppose Mr. Tamaki

2023-07-19 15:34:00
The Democratic Party for the People has decided to accept candidates on the 3rd of next month for the representative election accompanying the expiration of Tamaki's term of office, and then schedule a vote on September 2nd. The focus is whether there will be a candidate who will compete with Mr. Tamaki.


Nearly 40% of My Number Cards voluntarily returned among those abolished at the request of the person

2023-07-19 13:40:00
In order to find out why the My Number Card was abolished, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted a survey of 12 cities and towns nationwide. It became clear that nearly 40% were voluntary returns.


Former member of the House of Councilors Yamauchi sentenced to 4 years in prison for business embezzlement Tokyo District Court

2023-07-19 12:12:00
Former member of the House of Councilors, Toshio Yamauchi, who retired from politics 13 years ago, was charged with embezzlement in the course of business for misappropriating more than 100 million yen entrusted to him by a company he was affiliated with. "The amount of damage is large and the consequences are serious," he said, and sentenced him to four years in prison.


Prime Minister Kishida returns to Japan after visiting three countries in the Middle East

2023-07-19 11:58:00
After visiting three countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Kishida returned to Japan after completing a series of schedules.


Prime Minister's visit to the Middle East Continues diplomatic efforts for peace and stability in the region based on results

2023-07-19 06:16:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who visited three countries in the Middle East, confirmed cooperation with each country in a wide range of fields, including energy and security. Based on the results of his visit, I would like to continue diplomatic efforts from the standpoint of the G7 presidency, which will lead to peace and stability in the region.


Liberal Democratic Party Abe faction with no chairman Held off executive meeting on 20th

2023-07-19 00:27:00
There is an opinion that it is desirable to establish a new system as soon as possible in the Abe faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, which continues to be absent from the chairman, but there is no prospect of coming to a conclusion, and the executive meeting on the 20th will be postponed. I will make adjustments below.


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